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Chapter 3

Introducing Dreamweaver

borders the lines around a table and cell
cell the intersection of a row and column in a table
cell padding the pixels of blank space between the content in the cell and the cell's boundary
cell spacing the pixels of blank space between cells
closing a web page removing a web page's document window from the dreamweaver workspace, which also removes the file from the computer
code and design view a combination of code and design view, also called split view
code view displays the code generated for the web page
content the information presented to the user in a web page
design view displays the web page document similar to how it will appear in a browser window
document-relative hyperlink text that can be clicked to display a different web page document in the browser window from the same website
document toolbar area at the top of the document window that contains buttons and menus for changing view and preforming common actions
document window area of the dreamweaver workspace that contains the web page document
dreamweaver an application used to develop website
external hyperlink a hyperlink that displays a web page document from another website
file name the name of the file that stores the web page document
files panel area of the dreamweaver workspace that displays files and folders associated with the active website
fixed width a table width that is specified in pixels. a fixed width table will not change when a used resizes the browser window
home page the main or starting point of the website
insert panel area below the menu bar that contains buttons for adding objects to a web page document
menu bar area at the top of the dreamweaver workspace that displays the name of menus
opening a file the process of transferring a copy of the file contents to the computer's memory, which displays the file in an appropriate window
page title the text displays in the title bar of the browser window when a user views the web page
panel groups tools used in developing a website
pixel a unit of measurement related to screen resolution
property inspector area of the dreamweaver workspace that is used to change properties of the selected text or object
quitting dreamweaver the process of removing the dreamweaver window from the desktop, which removes the program from the compter's memory
site definition the process of defining a site which includes specifying a folder name, a server technology, files location, and remote server options
site map a map of the structure of the working website
standard mode a mode used to create tables
table a structure of rows and columns that can be used to organize and control the arrangement of content in a webpage
tag selector area at the bottom of the document window that is used to select a tag and its contents
workspace the dreamweaver application interface, which contains window, toolbars, and panel groups
Created by: Joelthetroll