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all cells so far man

this is mine and no one can touch it

tri three
quadr four
dec ten
cent hundred
milli thousand
tripod a stand with three legs
quadruped an animal with four legs and feet
decade a time period of ten years
century a time pieriod of one hundred years
millimeter one thousanth of a meter
semi half
mono one
uni one
bi two
du two
duplicate two identical copies or parts
unity the state or quality of one
bicycle a vehicle mounted on two wheels
semicircle half of a circle
monocle an eyeglass four one eye
a/an not/without
equ equal
pan/panto all
poly many
multi many
multiply to increase in amount many times
polygon a closed plane figure bound by many line segments
panorama an unbroken view that shows all of a wide area
equation a statement that two expresions are equal
anonomous not having any identity
in not
un not
mal bad/badly
mis bad/badly
theo/thei god
insincere not expresing qenuin feeligs
uncertain not known or established
malfuntion to work badly
mispronounce to say a word badly
polytheism to worship or belive in many gods
gen cause,birth,kind,race
cosm universe
aster,astr star
phot,phos light
geo earth
generation the average amount of time between the birth of a parent and the birth of their ofspring
cosmogony the study of the origin and evolution of the universe
astrolobe a tool used for calculating the position of the sun or stars
photography the practice of producing imidges on light sensitive surfitives
geography the science dealing with the earths natureal featurs,climate and people
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