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Art Chapter 1,2,3

Art Appreciation

What may differ within a work of art? What is a work of art that may reflect more than one theme? Themes and purposes
what is a common idea or thread through out a work of art or the history of art? Theme
What is an Islamic house of worship called? Mosque
What is an object esteemed and venerated because of association with a saint or martyr? Relic
What is it called when the most important figure in the composition is the largest? Hierarchical Scale
What refers to a balanced composition? Symmetry
What is it called when images are repeated? Repetition
What was Delacroix's "Liberty Leading the People" expressing support for? The Revolution of 1830
What is Picasso's "Guernica"(art work) about? Depicts the Nazi German bombing of Guernica, Spain during the Spanish Civil War
What is a 3 section panel, of which we only show the middle portion? Triptych
what describes representational art that conforms to a preset style or set of conventions for depicting the world? Stylized
What is an example of Egyptian stylized? Fingers are evened off & set next to each other, like a single finger repeated 4 times.
what word is Italian for Pity? Pietà
What is sadness (dreary, death) in Christian art? Bellini's Pietà
What kind of art is the "Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius"? Military art
What event in Andrew Wyeth's life influenced Change in his artwork? His father's death (train accident)
What year did Vincent Van Gogh die? 1890
What did Vincent Van Gogh die from? He shot himself because he was mentally insane.
What historical era was "The Lion Panel" from Chauvet Cave in? Upper Paleolithical Period
What was the point Warhol was commenting on with the image "Thirty Are Better Than One"? he is saying mona lisa is soooooo great that 30 is just better than one!!!
what does "Trompe l'oeil" mean? It is French for fool the eye. (Hard to paint)
What architect designed Vietnam Veteran's Memorial? Maya Lin
Who painted the Mona Lisa? Leonardo Da Vinci
What is Destroying images in the name of spiritual purity (comes from Christianity) Iconoclasm
What is Van Gogh's Inspiration behind "Starry Night"? Nature seems alive, communicating in its own language while the village sleeps. (His own personal feelings)
What invention was responsible for Picasso's art style changing abruptly? The Camera.
What is the identification, description, and interpretation of subject matter in art? Iconography
what is it called when a space is presented as a work of art that can be entered, explored, experienced, and reflected upon? Installation
what is art made in a landscape from natural elements found there, Such as dirt and rocks? Earthwork
Created by: nunielister