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Airtran FAA Abbrev.

Airtran Flight Attendant Abbreviations & Acronyms

A/C Aircraft
A/C L Aircraft left
A/C R Aircraft right
ABP Able Bodied Person
AFT Rear of Aircraft
APU Auxiliary Power Unit
ATC Air Traffic Control
CAPT Captain
CRS Child Restraint Seat
CSA Customer Service Agent
EEMK Enhanced Emergency Medical Kit
ELS Emergency Light Switch
F/A Flight Attendant
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FAK First Aid Kit
FAM Familiarization Flight, Federal Air Marshal, F/A Manual
FAR Federal Aviation Regulation
FLT Flight
FO First Officer
FWD Forward
GSC Ground Security Control
HAL Halon Fire Extinguisher
ISC Inflight Security Coordinator
J/S Jumpseat
L1 Main Cabin Door & F/A Position
L2 Flight Attendant Position
MCLP Master Call Light panel
MEG Megaphone
OE Operating Experience
OHB Overhead Bin
OWE Overwing Exit
PAX Passenger
PBE Protective Breathing Equipment
PIC Pilot in Command
POB Portable Oxygen Bottle
PSU Passenger Service Unit
PUK Pick-up Kit
R1 Galley Door & F/A Position
RON Remain Overnight
SIC Second in Command
TC Tailcone Door
TSA Transport Security Administration
UM Unaccompanied Minor
Created by: Alex2007