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Unit one part 1

Character a person or animal that takes part in the action of literally work
conflit a problem between two opposing forces
context indiependet related stories
dialogue conversation bettewn charaters
fiction writing that tells about imaginary charaters and events
frist preson the view of a charater in the story
historical context references to major social and cultural information
narrrative a story
narrator someone who tell thes the story (can be charater or person out of the story)
nonfition explains ideas of real people, places, or events
plot events where one causes another to happen
point of view the prespective of were a story is told
setting takes place in a time or location may or may not be real
theme the message in lit. work
third person point of view from some one not int he story
adequate enough
aquanited fimilar
compelled forced
contraption device tregard as strange
deceive make someone believe something is not true
epidemic outbrake of a desease
evidently claerly
flushed drove from hiding
formidable impressive
ignorant not knowiing facts or imformation
ignored paid on attention
improvising makeing up
intersection the place where tow or more roads cross
millennium the year 2000
pondered though about deeply
quest long search for something
reassuring restoring confidence
resumed begain again
strategy set of plans uesed to gian success
transfromation change
twine strong string
venerable worthy of respect
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