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Block 1 Acronyms


NOSC Network Operations and Security Center
COOP Continuity of Operations Plan
AFNOC AF Network Operations Center Tier 1. Operational Control over I-NOSCs. Includes the 624th Ops Center, 33rd NWS, and 26th NOS
NCC Network Control Center Base level user support and hardware config
NOD Network Operations Division Manages the SDP routers under AFNOC. Now the 26th NOS.
SDP Service Delivery Point These routers managed by AFNOC NOD
NSD Network Security Division Manage the ASIMS switch under AFNOC
ASIMS Automated Security Incident Measurement System Switch managed by AFNOC NSD
AFIWC AF Information Warfare Center Now the 688th IO Wing
CITS Combat Information Transport System Some router
GIG Global Information Grid AFNet, the Air Force portion
I-NOSC Integrated NOSC I-NOSC East at Langley and I-NOSC West at Peterson. Tier 2.
ESD Enterprise Service Desk Ramstein, Hickam, Gunter, and Randolph. First level help desk for end user support, reducing NCCs. Tier 3.
CFP Comm Focal Point With CSAs for base-level touch maintenance. Moving to ESD. Tier 3.
C-NAF Cyber Numbered AF 24th
OC Operations Center
C2 Command and Control
IO Info Ops
NWS Net Warfare Sq 33rd. The AFCERT. Network Defense. 24/7 intrusion detection. Use ASIMS IDS and CSIDS.
NOS Net Ops Sq 26th. The AFNOC NOD. GAL for email. Monitors SDP routers.
AFCERT AF Computer Emergency Response Team 33rd NWS
CSIDS Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection System Used by the 33rd NWS
AMHS Automated Message Handling System Managed by 26th NOS
GAL Global Address List Managed by 26th NOS
ESU Enterprise Service Unit Colocated in INOSCs, plus USAFE and PACAF. Support core services like email, network printing, archival, etc. Tier 2.
TCNO Time Compliance Network Order
MCCC MAJCOM Comm Coordination Center Tier 2. Responsible for MAJCOM-unique apps and systems
DIICOE Defense Information Infrastructure Common Operating Environment
SLA Service Level Agreement
MOA Memorandum of Agreement
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
CSA Client Support Admin touch-maintenance. Tier 3
AFNIC AF Network Integration Center Formerly AFCA. Scott AFB, IL. Certifies new technologies AF-wide.
AFCA AF Communications Agency Now AFNIC.
C4 Command, Control, Communications, Computer
JTF Joint Task Force
GNO Global Network Ops JTF-GNO merged into USCYBERCOM.
DISA Defense Information Systems Agency DoD's long-haul communicator. Leased commercial lines, satellite uplinks, class and unclass. Mostly commercial.
AFEN AF Enterprise Network
DC3 Defense Cyber Crime Center Provides computer-evidence processing, analysis, and diagnosis
CS+C [Office of] Computer Security and Communications [at DHS]
NRF Network Response Framework
NCSD National Cyber Security Division
ISAC Information Sharing and Analysis Center
CERT/CC CERT Coordination Center
ISC [SANS] Internet Storm Center
SER Stand/Eval Reps
NOSEP Network Ops Stan/Eval Program
CSEP Communications Stan/Eval Program
CIDDS Common Intrusion Detection Director System
QUAL Qualification
MSN Mission Qualified
TTP Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
ATCALS Air Traffic Control and Landing Systems
CE Communication and Electronics
TBA Training Business Area
IMDS Integrated Maintenance Data System
PMI Preventative Maintenance Instruction
MICAP Mission Capable
TRN Turn-Around [Monitors]
CWC Complies, with comments
DNC Does Not Comply
TO Technical Order
CCB Config Control Board
SCCSB Software Config Control Sub-Board
O/I Organizational/Intermediate
SM Single Manager
SE Support Equipment
SA Situational Awareness
NOTAM Notice to Airmen
VUL Vulnerability Analysis Element
AFSUP AF Security Update Program
SDC Standard Desktop Config
TT TCNO Tracker
LIMFAC Limiting Factors
POA+M Plan of Action + Milestones
MAC Mission Assurance Categories
OPR Office of Primary Responsibility
DMS Defense Messaging System
INFOSPOT Information Special Ops Report
HBBS Host-Based Security System
COTS Commercial Off The Shelf
NTO Netops Tasking Order
MTO Maintenance Tasking Order
ASI Authorized Service Interruptions
PMI Preventative Maintenance Inspection
COA Course of Action
IAVA Info Assurance Vulnerability Alert
IAVB Info Assurance Vulnerability Bulletin
TA Technical Advisory
IAVM Info Assurance Vulnerability Management
VMS Vulnerability Management System
JWICS Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System
CTO Communications Tasking Order
CAM Coordination Alert Message
ATO Authorized to Operate
ODM Operational Direction Message
ACL Access Control List
NBNA Netops Breaking News Alert
NDTM Network Defense Tasking Message
DRSN Defense Red Switch Network
STE Secure Telephone Equipment
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