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Stack #13098

name of the NBA team in memphis grizzlies
name the NFL team in nashville titans
who won tn's electoral votes in 2000 george w. bush
name the current 100th anniversary event for 4-h 4-h conversation
what was the 4th H before 1911 hustle
the 2002 dairy poster contest theme is what got chochlate milk
where is shooting sports camp usually held columbia camp ridley
what is the state wide 4-h weekend camp held in june in crossville teen adventure weekend
what is the 4-h event in which contestants prepare a dish with eggs egg cookery
what 4-h event invoves cooking poultry on a grill pultry bbq
what 4-h event involves identifying horse parts hippology
what 4-h event involves tasteing milk dairy products judging
what 4-h event is a camp for jr high projects in knoxville academic conference
this 4-h event invovles reading a compass forestry judging
this 4-h event involves cooking beef pork or lamb outdoor cookery
this 4-h event includes the state public speaking contest 4-h congress
where is the buford ellington 4-h center milan tn
this 4-h event includes election of a state 4-h president state 4-h roundup
this 4-h event elects a governor state 4-h congress
this 4-h project this 4-h project includes money and time management consumer education
this 4-h project includes heritage and community citizenship
this 4-h project includes pics and slide taking photography
this 4-h project includes raising a female cow till she is milky dairy
this 4-h project includes raising a female ewe sheep
neutered male cows are called steers
this 4-h event features cows in nashville in july state expo
this 4-h project includes flowers recycleing and house plants home horticulture
this 4-h project deals with trees and wood forestry
this 4-h project deals with trees land soil wildlife and energy conservation
this 4-h project hits the road motorized and in control automotive
this 4-h project deals with mechanics and lawnmowers small engine
this 4-h project deals with large farm machinery and safety tractor
this 4-h event has questions abt dairy cows dairy bowl
this 4-h event has question abt beef cows beef skillathon
this 4-h event has and artistic interpretation at congress 4-h poster contest
this 4-h event has an artistic interpretation at june dairy day dairy foods poster
this 4-h event lasts 10 days in memphis and has consumer judging mid south fair
this food quiz event is at the mid south fair food bowl
the linean games at the mid south fair involves questions on what 4-h project entomology
this 4-h contest at the mid south fair is as easy as riding a 2 wheeled vehicle bike rodeo
this mid south fair event includes capturing lepidoptera insect collection
this 4-h event includes the collecting of wild animal foods wildlife judging
this 4-h event has a prepared and spur of moment talk public speaking
this 4-h event involves sewing and modeling clover collection
this 4-h camp is a shocker with excited electrons electric camp
this 4-h event has written essay about bugs beekeeping essay
this 4-h event includes an indian ceremony and challenge to all 4 tribes state all star campfire
what is in the center of the 4-h all star pin diamond and or red star
the 4-h all star motto service
the 4-h highest honor in tn is vol state award
where is the smoky district camp greenville
what is the 4-h event that includes wildlife food planting FACE
Created by: moncier07