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Dragonwings Review

Stack #130960

A bird who dies by fire and is reborn out of the ashes. This Egyptian Mythical creature is a symbol of rebirth. Phoenix
An early airship that looks like a blimp. Dirigible
An early projector device that allowed the viewer to see slides in 3d. This was used for entertainment before movies. Stereopticon
A time when Britian and "The White Demons" sold Opium in the Middle Kingdom against Chinese wishes. The Chinese were forced into trade. Opium Wars
A long braid worn by Tang men. It represents the oppression of the Tang man by the Manchu Dynasty. Queue
A gift of money given by the father of the bride to the groom before a wedding. Dowry
A social group that is similar to a gang and a family. A ____________ offered protection to its members. Brotherhood
An immigration station in San Francisco Bay that processed over 175,000 Asian immigrants. Angel Island
A Chinese wise man and teacher who focused on the qualities of "The Superior Man." He practiced Buddhism. Confucius
Considered to be a very promising author of fiction and Dime Novels for young people in the early 1900's. Edith Nesbit
A "demon" hero of Miss Whitlaw's. He was famous for slaying dragons in "demon' legends. Saint George
This law kept out Chinese immigrants because the US Government blamed immigrants for the problems in the nation. Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882
These popular paperbacks only cost 10 cents in the early 1900's! They were "awash with gore" and often had western themes. Dime Novel
These kind and powerful creatures rule over the Earth like gods. If maddened, they can cause earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters. Chinese Dragons
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