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tn state facts

Stack #13095

The state flag adopted in 1905 has how many stars? 3
The General Assembly flag adopted was adopted when? 1978
The governors flag adopted 1939 has how many stars? 7
The State flower adopted named no color of iris what color is considered the state flower? Purple
The state wildflower is the passion flower what is it commonly called? the maypop
The state bird is known as what because of its mimic abilites? mockingbird
the state game bird is named because of the male call name it? bobwhite quail
what is the official tn bicentennial tree yellowwood
what is the official state tree tulip popular
females of this official state insect sometimes remain in larvae stage and are known as glow worms? firefly
this state insect was used in fold medicine to cure colic and measles ladybug beetles
what is the only insect that can be moved for the pupose of polination; our tn ag insect honeybee
what is the state sportfish largemouth bass
what fish is the tn commercial fish channel catfish
what is the tn state wild animal the raccoon
what is the state amphibiam tn cave salamander
what is the state butterfly zebra swallowtail
what is the state reptile eastern box turtle
what is the state gem tn river pearl taken from mussels
what is the tn state rock limestone
what semiprecious gem stone is the other state rock agate
the first state song adopted in 1925 is wat my homeland tn
the state song adopted in 1982 is the un of tn fight song rocky top
this state song adopted in 1965 has a history of dance the tn waltz
what is the state bicentennial song my home will always be in tn
what is the state folk dance square dance
what is the state jamboree and crafts festival the smithville fiddlers jamboree and crafts festival
what is the tn state poem "oh tn, my tn"
what was the official bicentennial portrait the pride of tn
what was the official painting of the tn biccentennial tn treasures
where is the alex haley home and museum henning
where is the memphis blues and music museum name the street beale st
what home has the trophy room and the hall of gold graceland
where is the tn state museum james k polk cultural center
what is the site of the national field trial championships for bird dogs ames plantation
this tn tourist attraction had almost 24000 casulities name it shiloh national military park
this native american archelogical site is near jackson and was constructed by the woodland indians pinson mounds
the new madrid earthquakes of 1911 formed this tourist site reelfoot lake
this home was us grants headquarters in memphis hunt phelan house
this site was the last organized english colony in united states rugby
this ws the site of the first constructed atomic bombs oak ridge
this was the boy hood home of the most decorated soilder of world war I york grist mill and home of alvin c york
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