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OS Key Terms (1)

Action Center Replaces WIN Vista Security Center. Displays alerts made by other WIN 7 apps & services, including backups & problem reports.
Aero Peek Hover over window to see a screen preview.
Aero Shake Click title bar of a window and shake it back and forth with the mouse to minimize all of the windows except for the one that you shook.
Aero Snap Drag to: top (maximize), left/right (split/50% of screen), corner to top/bottom (extends screen vertically).
BranchCache A wide area network caching feature new in WIN 7. Enables computers at branch offices to maintain copies of files stored on remote servers. When users need the files, they can be accessed locally.
DirectAccess New remote connection technology wew to WIN 7 & WIN Server 2008 R2. Enables clients to connect invisibly to remote servers without needing to manually establish a connection or authenticate a user account.
Federated Search New type of search in WIN 7. Enables users to perform searches on SharePoint sites, intranets, and specific Internet sites, right from the Windows Explorer interface.
Jump List A context sensitive menu that displays the most frequently used functions of an icon on the taskbar or in the Start menu.
Language-Agnostic How the modular architecture of WIN 7 keeps all LANG-specific code in seperate, but small modules that users can add to an existing installation. Eliminates the need for Microsoft to give full versions of the OS in different LANGs.
Libraries Files in WIN 7 that let users to use files on other computers into one folder making them look like they are on a local drive.
MinWin Common core module of WIN 7 with about 95% of the OS functionality.
Problem Steps Recorder WIN 7 tool letting users & admins to document the process that caused an error by tracking mouse movements & making a log of all the actions leading up to the error.
ReadyBoost First seen in Vista. Enabled a computer to use an external storage device as additional MEM. Can use up to 8 external devices at once.
Starter GPOs Administrative templates with preconfigured settings that admins can use as a baseline for creating new Group Policy Objects (GPOs).
VPN Reconnect Enables a remote computer to automatically re-establish a connection to a VPN server running Windows Server 2008 R2.
Wake On Wireless LAN (WoWLAN) Network packet filter that enables a computer in sleep mode to wake up on receipt of a specific message (magic packet) over a wireless network connection.
Windows PowerShell 2.0 Improved version of scripting engine & command line lang fo all WIN OS. Uses native commands/add-on modules, admins can use this for about any task from command prompt. It's a rich scripting lang, letting admins automate tasks, make logon/startup scripts.
Created by: BCrahan13