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race track is considered the oldest design
this design of the OR has the ORs situated along a central corridor with separate clan and solid work areas. Single entrance in and out hotel plan
this design of the OR has all of the OR's grouped by specialty (nero, ortho) they have there own solid instrument work area specialty grouping
the humidity should be placed at what degree for most operations? and what is exempted from this temp? 68 and 73 degree unless it is a peds and then its warmer
the departments are divided into 3 areas to help protect from infection unrestricted, semi restricted, restricted
in this area street clothes are allowed unrestricted
the red line of death is located between semi restricted and restricted areas
what is the power outlet voltage? 220 or 110
what is the red outlet for emergency
what equipment do we plug into it anything that is needed to protect the pt. anesthesia or vital to this procedure
what are the two suction outlets used for in the OR surgical team and anesthia
What do these gas outlets stand for: Green, yellow, blue; white green-O2; blue - nitrous oxide; yellow- compressed air; white- suction
what am I? I am narrow, padded and fleible the or table
a Mayfield headrest is used for what craniotomy procedure
the Wilson bed is used for prone positions spinal fusion
what am I? I hang from the ceiling, I contain a variety of of surgical equipment, electrical and communication devices boom
we use what kind of solution in the basin to rinse our instruments saline or sterile water
what is the kick bucket used for counted sponges
a unidirectional positive-pressure flow of air that captures microbes to be filtered out is called what laminar airflow
the OR needs at least anywhere between ____to ___ air exchanges per hour 20 to 25
which group stated that HEPA filters must be used in the OR CDC
how much humidity is needed in ti OR 20-60%
the autoclave and a blanket warmer are in this location substerile area
this room is designated wait room pre-surgery before entering quite, and can not see the or preoperative holding
PACU stands for postanesthesia care unit
what are the requirments for leaving the pacu must be able to breath on own, and regain consciousness
who does the monitoring of BG's perfusionists
what does fluoroscopy or aka C-arm do provides real-time radiographic monitoring for orthopedic
what protective equipment do you need to wear to use the C-arm and why do you wear them lead aprons and thyroid shields to protect from ionizing radiation
what does SICU stand for surgical intensive care unit
where do ventilator dependant patients go sicu
spd stands for sterile processing department
the or uses the _____ to _____ system clean dirty
high voltage outlets with circuit breakers are used for what equipment Carm units and laser
what type of lighting is used in the OR halogens
this table is elongated holds a lots of weight and is easy to roll. the back table
this is small hangs over the pt the mayo table
how many hook ups for suction at least 2
noise, ionizing radiation,electricity,injury to the body, fire, explosion and injuries from sharps physical hazards
laser and electrosurgical plume, pathogens found in body fluids, latex sensitivity biological hazards
disinfection agents, waste anesthetic, gases, and vapors and fumes from chemical agents chemical hazards
NFPA stands for national fire protection agency
OSHA stands for and does what occupational safety and health administration- they enforce what the niosh research
NIOSA stands for and does what national institute for occupational safety and health- they do the research for chemicals vapors and gases
ANSI stands for what American national standards institute
the surgical lights should be? non-glare a blue white beam
something that comes from the pt can be considered biological
the study of motion is called ergonomics
three things that need to be to start a fire in the or ignition, O2, fuel
these are examples of what: electrosurgery, lasers, fiber optic light source, defibs, sparks source of ignition
these are examples of what: flammable chemical gas, vapor, ethyl alcohol and skin prep(isopropyl)drapes disposable surgical supplies source of fuel
laser stands for what light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation
_______prevention is critical during laser surgry fire
_______must be available for the surgical team incase of a small fire sterile water
what type of fire extinguisher should be used with the laser halon fire extinguisher
use ________ anesthetic when working with the laser around the oral or laryngeal non-explosive
use a ______ restraint ET tube when using a laser flame
what do you fill the balloon with in the ET tube during laser surgery sterile water, use wet sponge around the tube
anorectal area surgeries must be packed with ________ to prevent a methane gas explosion or fire sterile water soaked sponge
_________ instrumentation must be used for laser surgery nonreflective
class A fire extinguishers are used for what and do we use this in the OR wood paper fire, they are water and NO
class B fire extinguishers are used for what and do we use this in the OR carbon dioxide or dry chemicals not really wanted
class C fire extinguishers are used for what and do we use this in the OR Halon agent gas rolls on the fire yes we use this
what does RACE stand for rescue, alert, contain, extinguish
what does PASS stand for pull pin, aim, squeeze, sweep
fiber optics is a light cord 2nd most common reason for a fire
electric surgical unit (ESU) is called a bovie
why do some burns happen? improper grounding
universal precautions states that: everyone is dirty
three things you do in a fire: protect the pt, contain the fire, move anesthesia equipment away
use must place the sharp in the position where the surgeon can grab it with dominant hand and NOt reposition it neutral zone
true or false: do we recap hypodermic needles? NO--false
PEP stands for what prophylaxis
_______ is known to prevent hiv transmission zidovudine
PEP should be initiated within ___ hours 2
what virus has been known to spread via the plume papillomavirus
PMMA stands for what polymethyl methacrylate or aka bone cement
what do we use formalin for preservationnation of tissues
EtO stands for what and what do we use it for ethylene oxide sterilization of instruments kills mad cow disease
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