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Certification Stuff

Certification Terms1

1. BSS Balanced Salt Solution used to irrigate the eye
2. OS Oculus Sinister - Left Eye
3. OU Oculi Uterque - Both eyes
4. OD Oculus Dexter - Right eye
5. Chalzion Small cyst on eyelid
6. Transconjunctival approach Through the eyelid
7. Surgical repair of entrpin Medical condition where the eye lid folds inward
8. Iridectomy Surgical procedure to remove part of the iris
9. D&C Dilation & Curettage. Cervix is dilated and the inner lining of the cervix is scraped.
10. Endometrial Oblation Inner lining of the uterus is destroyed. Usually done for heavy bleeding
11. Hysteroscopy Cervix is dilated and a thin telescope is placed in the uterus to visualize the uterine lining
12. Hysterectomy Removal of the uterus. Supine position. O'Sullivan/O'Connor retractor
13. A&P Repair Anterior & Posterior Repair
14. Anterior Repair Treatment of prolapse of the bladder or urethra
15. Posterior Repair Treatment of bowel prolapse - rectum into vagina
16. Ectopic Pregnancy Pregnancy outside of the uterus
17. Oblation of a Condyloma Burn off of a genital wart
18. Vulvectomy Removal of the vulva
19 Labioplasty Repair of the labia
20. Marsupialization of Bartholin's Gland (Cystectomy) Draining and removal of the Bartholin's Gland
21. Myomectomy Removal of the gland for lubrication of the vagina
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