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arrow keys keys on a keyboard that move the cursor left or right up or down
backspace deletes characters
block style a letter style in which all lines of the letter are aligned with the left aligned with the left margin
caps lock key on the keyboard that is used to key all capital letters without holding the shift key
delete function used to erase characters once they are highlited
enter key key on the keyboard that is used to enter info into a computer or to return the cursor to the beginning of a new line.
ESC key key on a keyboard that is used to exit a program
graphing a feature in a software program that allows numerical data to be interpreted as a graph or chart
guide words a heading typed at the beginning of a memorandum consisting of TO,FROM,DATE,SUBJECT; these four should be typed in all caps with ;
insert key on the keyboard or function of word processing software that is used to insert text without deleting
keyboarding the ability to enter text by using correct fingers
letter keys keys on a keyboard which contain the letters of the alphabet
line spacing the vertical spacing between lines of text
number keys keys on the keyboard which contain the numerals 0-9
number lock toggle key on keyboard which locks and unlocks the number pad
paper size the size of a standard sheet of paper is 8 1/2 x 11 inches
posture the position of the body or parts of the body
proofreading the process of comparing a copy on screen or paper
quadruple spacing the type of spacing where you would manually press the enter key 4 times
QWERTY keyboard the most common keyboarding arrangement
return address the senders adress
return key key on the keyboard that is used to enter info
shift key key that is used to capitalize letters
single spacing the type of spacing where u would manually press the enter key once
space bar key that spaces the cursor forward one space at a time
strike / hit to tap or press the keys of a keyboard with a finger or thumb
symbol key key on a keyboard that contains a symbol such as $ * &
tab key key on a keyboard that is used to move the cursor directly to a tab stop
technique the form and keying style that a typist used while operating the keyboard
text the actual structure of words in a piece of writing or printing
triple spacing pressing enter 3 times
word wrap when words automatically go to the next line
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