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ST230 T5

1. Diagnostic imaging includes which of the following Radiography
2. Which procedure is used to elevate heart function Cardiac Catheterization
3. Cholangiography is a radiographic study of the Biliary System
4. Ultrasound involves the use of High frequency sound waves
5. Nuclear medicine studies are also referred to as Isotopic Scanning
6. The term staging refers to the Degree of tumor metastasis
7. The normal % of O2 saturation in arterial blood is ___ of capacity 95-97%
8. The ___ is the physician who will provide a biopsy report. Pathologist
9. Electroencephalography is a recording of Electrical activity of the brain
10. Arterial saturation of hemoglobin w/ O2 is measured with use of Pulse Oximetry
11. Information about the Pt lung capacity, resistance, and ventilatory pressure is obtained and displayed with use of Spirometry
12. What is first priority of the STSR when an intraoperative X-ray is being taken Protect sterile field from contamination
13. Roentgenography is synonymous with the term Radiography
14. Auscultation involve use of Stephoscope
15. An otoscope is used for viewing Ear
16. Doppler probe can be used within the sterile field as long as it Covered with sterile drape
17. Excision of tissue or aspiration of fluid to determine the nature of that diseases for treatment is known as Biopsy
18. T/F - McBurney's incision is typically performed for an appendectomy. True
19. T/F - Rocky-Davis incision is a type of oblique incision. False
20. T/F - Pylorus is in the LUQ. False
21. T/F - MRI is the best diagnostic tool for seeing active bleeding. False
22. T/F - Cultures taken can be sent to patholoy as anaerobic or aerobic. True
23. Why is it so important that STSR correctly handle specimen Delay Pt outcome, wrong surgery, wrong Pt
24. What are four common complications in surgery Infection, Hemorrhage, Cardiac arrest, Respiratory distress.
25. Purpose of the gram stain? For differintiating bacterial species into 2 large groups
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