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Business Law Unit 1 Chapter 1

Administrative Law body of rules created by government regulatory agencies
Case Law based on an appealed case ruling, an appellate court sets precedence for future cases.
Constitution principles by which its government operates
English Common Law result of custom based laws being unified by courts in England.
Ethics deciding what is a right or wrong action in a reasoned, impartial manner
Greatest Good examines whether the action will cause the greatest good for the greatest number of people
Law of Precedent When a judge is required to follow an earlier court decision when deciding a case with similar circumstances, also called stare decisis, “let the decision stand”
Statutory Law act of a federal, state legislature or local government that declares, prescribes, or commands something. specific law, expressed in writing.
The Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”
U. S. Constitution main instrument for allocating powers between the people and their government.
Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) The mission of (DEA) is to enforce the controlled substances laws and regulations of the United States and bring to the criminal and civil justice system of the USA, or any other competent jurisdiction.
Executive Branch the executive branch consists of the President and the Vice President, of the United States.
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to uphold the law through the investigation of violations of federal criminal statutes. This mission is further divided into five functional areas
Judicial Branch Consist of the U.S.Supreme Court. This branch decides on the constitutionality of any statute passed by the legislative branch. This branch may also decide if an action or decision by the Executive branch exceeds the powers granted under the Constitution.
Legislative Branch the legislative branch consist of the U. S. Senate and the U. S. House of Representatives.
North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) The State Bureau of Investigation is a division of the N.C. Department of Justice and assists local law enforcement with criminal investigations.
North Carolina State Highway Patrol Primary mission is to reduce collisions and make the highways of North Carolina as safe as possible. This is accomplished through active patrol and enforcement of N. C. State statutes and laws for motor vehicle operation
Police Departments (local) a police officer within the corporate limits of their city or jurisdiction and one mile outside these limits same powers that are vested to all officers by statute and common law, to enforce the laws and statutes of the State of N. C
United States Marshal Service Among their many duties, they apprehend federal fugitives, protect the federal judiciary, operate the Witness Security Program, transport federal prisoners and seize property acquired by criminals through illegal activities.
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