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Principles & Element

Design elements and principles

Refers to the edge of an object Outline
To express with particular stress or force Emphasis
Movement lines, emphasis direction and fluidy Gesture
These can indicate motion or direction Lines
Encolsed objects that can be created by lines that define their edges Shape
Very quickly drawn lines sometimes including depth...more detail Sketch
Type of balance that uses foreground against background Asymmetrical balance
This can be obtained by repeating any one of the following: color/shape/size/texture Unity
The use of lines, color, and repetition to create the illusion of motion Movement
Shape of an object but include interior and details Contour
Balance that comes from the center Radial
Lines that appear to create a static feeling Vertical
A rule of composition used in asymmetrical balance Rule of thirds
The act of balance creates an 'even'balance where if folded, the picture would match up Symmetrical
The act of comparing or estimating two things, one against the other, and contrast. Balance
The surface look of an object created by varying dark and light areas. Two types of texture are tactile(actual surface variations ) and visual (the illusion of texture) Texture
These lines give a sense of movement, but more fluid than diagonal Curved
Empty pages without pictures or text White Space
These lines create the feeling of movement, angleā€¦but tense Diagonal
These lines create a restful, peaceful feeling Horizontal
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