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Kemp Computers

computer vocabulary

Mouse an object that controls the arrow cursor on a computer
Key a button on the keyboard of a computer
Cursor arrow or blinking line that tells you where on the screen you are working
Monitor screen where information from the computer shows up
Keyboard set of keys or buttons used to type information into a computer
Central Processing Unit (CPU) the "brain" of the computer that controls programs
Backspace a key on the keyboard that erases the information BEFORE the cursor
Delete a key on the keyboard that erases the information AFTER the cursor
Space bar a key on the keyboard that places an empty space in a document
Enter a key on the keyboard that moves the cursor to the next line
Click to push the button on the LEFT HAND SIDE of the mouse
Double click to push the button on the LEFT HAND SIDE of the mouse TWICE QUICKLY
Right click to push the button on the right hand side of the mouse in order to find a menu or list of options
Minimize to make a window appear only on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen
Maximize to make a window take up the entire screen
Window an area of the screen where a program is running
Icon a picture that is clicked on to open a program
E-mail a way of sending messages from one computer to another
Internet millions of computers around the world connected together
Spreadsheet a document that helps to organize data in rows and columns of cells
URL the address of a website
Hyperlink a "link" that you click on to go to a website - can be words or pictures
Document something created on the computer
Menu a list of things that you can choose to do on the computer
Search Engine a website that will search for information based on the keywords you enter
Open tells the computer to get documents you have saved
Save tells the computer to keep your work just as it is
New tells the computer to create a blank document
Print tells the computer to send a copy of your document to the printer
Text: words
Graphics pictures on the computer
Cut to remove text or graphics and be able to paste it in another place
Copy to create a copy of text or graphics and be able to paste it in another place while keeping an original
Paste to glue down text or graphics that have been cut or copied
Blog an online journal in the form of a website
Character any number, letter, symbol or space created by the keyboard
Created by: bluebonnet613