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Mac Desktop Vocabula

Vocabulary about the Mac desktop

Trackpad Moves the cursor, click, double-click, and scroll
Mac Menu Bar Located at the top of the screen, it has drop down menus
Help Menu Answers questions or helps solve problems
Spotlight Search Built-in search engine, press Command + Space. Search through your files
Dock Bar of icons along the edge of the screen that displays favorite/mostly used applications, can see which applications are open, trash is located on far right of screen
Finder View files and folders, find the contents of your computer, first icon on the dock, smiling blue faces
System Preferences Control panel that give options to change appearance or actions in system software, looks like the gear icon on the dock
Wi-Fi Wireless Fidelity, wireless networking system, lines that look like radar
Function Keys Keyboard button that has a specific purpose for its use, located at the top of the keyboard
Dashboard Holds widgets (mini-applications)
Apple Menu Apple icon in on left side of menu bar, access to items that are always available. Includes Sleep, Restart, Shut Down, System Preferences
Applications Software programs designed to perform one or more computer functions, found in Launchpad
Launchpad Spaceship icon in the dock that launches all applications on computer from desktop, open applications from the launchpad, F4
Mission Control Way to monitor all open spaces (documents, applications, dashboard), allows for switching between applications quickly, swipe up 3 fingers on trackpad, or F3
Documents Towards right side of the dock, opens a window with all of your documents in it
Downloads Easy access to documents that were downloaded
Trash Delete files, right click on file and select move to trash, right click on trash can to see what is in it or to empty it permanently, located on right side of dock
Created by: Ms. B.