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Computer Terms Part2

Second half of basic computer terms

Desktop The first screen visible on your computer when it has finished loading Windows.
Icon a small symbol or picture on a computer screen that will perform an action when clicked.
Taskbar The bar that is normally along the bottom of the screen containing all active programs, the start button, and clock.
Cursor a blinking black vertical line that moves when typing and indicates the position of the next character to be typed.
Font the style, shape, and size of letters, numbers, and symbols.
Menu a list of commands for you to choose.
File a collection of related data stored as a unit with a single name.
Folder a virtual container in which files or other folders can be kept and organized (also called a directory).
Default a setting that is pre-set in the software. Most default settings can be changed by the user.
Minimize to hide a window that is currently display on the screen. The window is removed and represented by an icon on the taskbar.
Maximize to display a window at its largest size.
Shut down To quit all programs and turn off the computer.
Network Computers connected together in order to share information and hardware.
Database a large collection of information that is organized in a way that is easy to retrieve or change.
Virus A small, unauthorized program that can damage a computer.
Created by: Mrs.LJohnson