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French 2 L05

librement freely
vetements garments
couleurs colour
essayer to try out (fitting)
veste jaune jacket (yellow ?)
gris grey
eglises church
chere expensive
pouvez permission/ ask
remplir to fill (with)
formulaire form (fill out)
valise suit case/ bag
voitures car
vite fast
fenetre window
endroit place (location)
s'arrete firm? to order?
vient comes
chiffres figure/ number
montagne mountain
embrasse hug/ embrace/ kiss
bises kisses
lieu place/ scene
meteo meteorology/ weather forecast
vis/ vivon/ vivre to live
habite live (ie house)
sud south
mois month
partir to leave/ to go
venir to come
provenance origin
destination destination
retard late/ delay
installe to put in/ to fit out
revenu income
dernier last (to come...)
soliel sun
un facteur postman
lui him
l'avion vient d'Italie et va en France the plane comes from Italy and goes to France
je pars de France et je vais en Suede I leave France and I go to Sweden
Created by: frenchie01