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Voluntary statement of facts sworn to be true before an authority affidavit
statement one expects to prove allegation
in good faith or innocently bona fide
al legal decisions reported on a given legal subject case law
first pleading filed by plaintiffs attorney in a negligence action complaint
person accused defendant
questions are answered under oath deposition
federal courts federal law
court-appointed protector for an individual guardian
injury resulting from the activity of health care professionals iatrogenic injury
formal written accusation from a grand jury indictment
taking another's property without consent larceny stealing
principles that have evolved and continue to evolve on the basis of court decisions law common
any law prescribed by the action of a legislature law statutory
obligation to do or not do something liability
professional misconduct that results in harm to another; negligence of a professional; malpractice
omission or commission of an act that a reasonable and prudent person would do under the same circumstances. negligence
reckless disregard for the safety of another; willful indifference negligence criminal
providing false testimony under oath perjury
person who initiates a lawsuit plaintiff
description of conduct that is expected of an individual in a given circumstance standard of care
permission being given for an action consent
agreement or permission accompanied by full notice about what is being consented to informed consent
AHA stands for American Health Association
bill or rights is known now by what patient care partnership
This act was made by the food and drug administration for medical devices safe medical device act
what is good for the individual and for society and establishes the nature of duties that people owe themselves and one another ethics
these are guides for ethical decision making, the principles that we try to instill in our children. moral principles
DHHS--federal cabinet level department of health and human services
public health services-- state then filters down to county
medicaid and medicare-- hcfa cabinet level
social security-- paid for by employers and employees
World Health Organization(WHO)-- TB!! World help
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