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Surgical Test1VM

Surgical Test 1 ques

Name the five things that a ST has to be prepared to proved when having a surgical conscience- 1. Willing to accept responsibility 2. Confidentiality 3. Be Nondiscriminatory 4. Be cost officiant 5. Most of all be STERILE
A federal, state, or county hospital is an example of what kind of organiztaion Not-for-profit
Profits that are turned back into the hospitals maintenance and improvements. can be owned by private organizations, churches and sometimes by taxes are know as? Not-for-profit and tax-supported
A hospital that is owned by an individual or corporation is called a - Proprietary or investor-owned
This hospital is taxed and the money made goes back to its investors is called Proprietary or investor-owned
This hospital is tax-supported it gets money from grants, community agencies. Tax supported
True or False: The ambulatory surgical center is physically or geographically attached to the hospital? False-- It is NOT attached
PPO stands for what? Preferred provider Organization
What is the difference between a PPO and HMO The referral: The PPO states that you HAVE to see one of THEIR docs and the Hmo calls for all primary doc's to GIVE referrals.
AORN stands for what Association of preOperative Nurses.
CRNFA stands for what Certified Registered Nurse First Assistant
CRNAs stands for what Certified RN anesthetists
True or false this department has PT contact Dietitian and food services False
What does this acronym stand for ARC/STSA Accreditation Review Council on Education in Surgical tech and Assisting
What does this acronym stand for AST Association of Surgical Tech.. promotes standards for the ST in school and practice
What does this acronym stand for CaAHEP Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs--The AST tells them which programs they should accredited
What does this acronym stand for NBSTSA National Board ST and SA--Organization SOLELY responsible for the development for the policies to even take the exam
What does this acronym stand for AmA American Medical Association-- Physician who focuses on professional and public health issues
What does this acronym stand for ANsI American National Standards Institute-- they establish recognized standards that directly impact the rest of health care
What does this acronym stand for APiC Association for Professionals of INfection Control and Epidemiology- Wellness and infection prevention
What does this acronym stand for AAMi Association for the advancement of medical instrumentation- teaches how to understands instruments
What does this acronym stand for CSpS Council on surgical and perioperative safety-7 health care organization- patient safety
What does this acronym stand for eSARVHP Emergency services advanced registry for volunteer health professionals-federal program in event large scale national emergency
An independent, nonprofit national organization that develops and standards performance criteria for health care organizations the joint commission
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