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Socials Studies 7th

Government, Economics, Geography

Unlimited power by one person, citizen has little if any role in the government. Autocracy
A group of people have total power, citizen has very limited role. Oligarchy
Ruled by the people, citizens are most likely to directly participate. Ex. U.S. Democracy
Voters elect members to the parliament (legislature.) Parliamentary Democracy
Voters elect legislatures, voters elect (indirectly) the president. Presidential Democracy
One central government controls everything. Unitary
A voluntary group of Independent states that agrees to follow a standard set of laws. Confederation
Power is shared by a powerful central government and equally powerful, smaller states or provincial governments. Federal
A group of Islands Archipelago
A man-made waterway, for irrigation or transportation Canal
An area of land formed by deposits at the mouth of a river. Delta
An area of land with little rainfall or vegetation. Desert
An extension of sea partly surrounded by land, larger than a bay. Gulf
An area of land rising much higher than the land around it, with steep slopes and pointed or rounded tops. Mountain range
A long piece of land surrounded on three sides by water. Peninsula
A large area of flat or gently rolling land. Plain
A large elevated area of flat land. Plateau
A stretch of water joining two larger bodies of water, narrower than a channel. Strait
The amount of a good or service that is avalible for use. Supply
The desire for a certain good or service. Demand
Naturally occurring materials such as coal, fertile, land, and water that can be used by man. Natural resource
A natural resource like wood that can be renewed. Renewable resource
The quantity and quality of human effort directed towards producing goods and service. (Labor force) Human capital
Resources are limited, so people can't have all the good and services they want. Scarcity
Economic decisions are based on a country's or society's customs and habit. Traditional economy
When a country combine elements of market and command. Mixed economy
Total value of all goods and services produced in a country in a year. GDP (Gross Domestic Product)
A person who combines resources to create a new business. Entrepreneur
Goods produced within one country and sold outside of the country. Exports
Goods/services produced in other countries. Imports
A TAX on imports and exports. Tariff
A restriction or limit on the amount of a good that can be imported (government imposed) Quota
A government ban on certain imports for political or economic reasons. Embargo
An economy where decisions are ONLY made by the government. Command economy
An economy where all decisions are made by the people. Market economy
A focus on one product or service. Specialization
More than what is needed. Surplus
Something with a limited amount, once you use it all it's gone. Nonrenewable sesource
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