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Mrs. Shaw Chapter 21

Theater Terms and Definitions

antagonist main opponent of the protagonist in a play
auditions a formal tryout in which people have a chance to show their abilities
blocking the overall plan for actor movement in a play
business manager the person in charge of financial matters that relate to a dramatic production
cast an ensemble of actors
characterization the portryal of the traits of each character in a play
chorus in Greek theater, a group of people who gave background information and commented on the action
comedy drama that usually has a happy ending and that is often characterized by exaggerated or eccentric behavior
comedy of manners a form of drama that satirizes social customs
commedia dell' arte comedy in which professional actors improvised their roles as stock characters in humorous, standardized situations
costumer the person in charge of the performers' attire in a theatrical production
dialogue the conversation that occurs between two or more characters in a drama
director the person in charge of selecting a play, casting the parts, coaching the actors, and coordinating the work of the set designer and the costumer
drama an artistic form of communication in which a story dealing with human conflict is acted out on a stage
dramatic situation in a play, an occasion in which the characters face a situation that forces them to act
dress rehearsals the last two or three practice sessions of a play in which every aspect of the show is rehearsed just as it will be done at the time of the performance
floor plan a diagram that shows the positions of walls, entrances, and furnishings on a stage
formal theater a type of drama in which the actors follow a script for the dialogue and the actions of a play
house manager the person in charge of the theater ushers, house lighting, air conditioning, heating, and ventilation
improvisation a form of drama that is spontaneous rather than planned
informal theater a type of drama in which the actors rely on their imaginations to generate the story, dialogue, and movement
intensity the depth of feeling a performer has for a part
makeup artist the person in a dramatic production responsible for using the special techniques needed for theatrical makeup
miracle plays medieval plays that dramatized events from the Bible
modern drama the period of drama, beginning late in the 19th century, noted for its use of realism
monologue an extended speech by one character
morality plays medieval plays that presented allegorical stories in which characters personified religious or moral abstractions
mystery plays medieval plays that presented events from saints' lives
pantomime dramatic communication performed entirely without words
pastoral plays Renaissance plays that presented love stories in idealized woodland settings
producer the head administrator of a dramtic production, responsible for bringing together the script, the theater, the director, and, in the case of professional theater, the financing for a show
property crew head the person responsible for collecting properties (or "props") and making them available during both rehearsals and performance
protagonist the main character in a play
rehearsals practice sessions
set designer the person responsible for designing all visual elements, including stage sets and lighting, that will be used in a production
stage manager the person who is in charge of the entire backstage and attempts to ensure that the performance follows the exact pattern the director has set in rehearsals
technical director the person in charge of constructing sets, positioning and operating lights, managing the curtain, and striking the set when the production is over
theater of the absurd a contemporary style of drama in which life is viewed as meaningless and people's strivings absurd
thespian an actor
tragedy drama that usually has a sad or disastrous ending and that tells a story of serious and important events in which the main character comes to an unhappy end
Created by: shaws
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