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NT1110 QUIZ 2

Parity is used with RAM for Error checking
RAM that needs to be refreshed is Static
Which diagnostic feature is used with ATA drives S.M.A.R.T
What type of RAM is being used frequently Cache DDR2 Dynamic
What is included in a hard drives geometry # of cylinders # of sectors per track # of read & write heads
Initials instructions come from BIOS
Fully updating BIOS by erasing & rewriting Flashing
Web browser of Mac OS X Safari
Wrote Linux Linus Torvalds
File-management utility for windows Windows Explorer
Opened Windows application shows up on Taskbar
Before a disk can be partition can be booted, it must be active
Files that can be executed from command prompted .BAT .COM .EXE
Windows long file names contain 255 characters
Utility used to check drive for errors CHKDSK
Authenticating users based on physical features Biometrics
Ways to stay protected from viruses & malware Periodic scans Permission based access to internet Automatic updates on a frequent basis
Disk scrubbing or wiping prevents data recover
Phishing is Social engineering
Antistatic wristband ESD
Troubleshooting Process 1. Ascertain the problem 2. probable causes of the problem. 3. check if theories are correct through testing. 4. Create & implement plan 5. Verify problem has been fixed; employ preventative measures. 6. Document the process.
Troubleshooting file log Event viewer
Location that cannot be accessed by Recovery Console User file folder
Valid UNC path \\bigbox\c
Created by: amayne