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kBD2 ch1-2Géoculture

Mme Patrick Bien Dit 2 Géoculture 1-2

les parisiens people who live in Paris
aligné lined up with
ordonné ordered/commissioned
se situe is located/situated
le croisement the intersection
se retrouver to meet by prior arrangement
célèbre famous
d'abord firstly/initially/originally
le palais the palace
la forteresse fortress/stronghold/citadell
en verre (made) of glass
construit(e) built
les échanges the exchange(s)
le bâtiment the building
le chef-d'œuvre the masterpiece
vidé emptied
trop plein too full
les ossements the bones/remains
le sous-sol the underground
se termine ends/finishes
le tournoi the tournament
l'Écosse Scotland
le lieu the location/place
la terre battue the clay (hardened surface)
montrer to show
découvert discovered
reçu received
le prix the prize/price
consacré devoted/consecrated
mélanger to mix
les saveurs the flavors
meilleur best
reçoivent receive
l'étoile the star
plusieurs several
la maroquinerie the leather goods shop
la mode (the) fashion
le bijoutier the jeweler
la couture (the) fashion design/designing
le couturier the (fashion) designer
la fois (the) time/occurrence
la gastronomie gourmet food creating and consuming
Created by: Madame Patrick