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HD Two

Television Ratings Nielsen Ratings
Microwave Signal Limit Can't go through solid objects, short distance.
Mini-Link is used for? Going around buildings
C-Band Dish Large Power, Low Frequency
Ku-Band Dish Small Power, High Frequency
C-Band Programming Prescheduled Shows, Sports
Ku-Band Programming Dish Network, Breaking News
Microwave Signal that is less stable in bad weather Ku-Band
Type of Microwave Transmitters Camera, Backpack, Tripod, Trucks, Satellite, Permanent Ground Stations
Producer responsible for budget Line Producer
Executive Producer w/ Creative Control of a Television Show Show Runner
A Skycam is..... Suspended by wires
What is a Rating Point, How is it calculated? % of the total population of televisions tuned to a particular program
What is a Share Point, How is it calculated? % of television sets in use tuned to the program
How are ratings information gathered? Diary, Meter, Phone Call
What is a Cume? Total number of unique consumers over a specified period. (Cumulative Audience, Reach.)
Live Multi-Camera productions on location Remote Broadcast
Powering a remote truck Generator, House Power
What does a transponder do? Transmits/Recieves Radio Signals
Sattelite signal conversion NTSC/PAL, different countries.
TV Show Producers who pre-interview guests Segment Producer
Target Audience Demographic/Psychographic
Rating System problem Humans Lie.....dogs never lie though. :D
Sweeps Feb, May, July, Nov
IFB Interruptible Foldback or Feedback
Frequency Agility Microwave is on multiple frequencies at once
Communication Satellite Position 22,300 Miles Up! Geo Synchronous Orbit
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