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for Bronze Lean Cert Test

Acronym for “quick changeover” SMED Single minute exchange of dies
Total # of items you should produce if the customer needs 7 7
The “P” in TPM Productive
Tool used to identify potential for improvement Value Stream Map
Throughput improves as _____ is reduced Leadtime
Japanese term for “WASTE” Muda
6 S Safety, sort, straighten, shine, standardize, sustain
What is “COMMWIP” Acronym describing 7 forms of waste
“COMMWIP” stands for? Correction, overproduction, motion, material movement, wait, inventory, process
Preparation & setup that can occur without stopping production External
Balance work among team members with an Operator _____ Chart Loading
Program to enable improvement participation Minor Kaizen
Type of waste resulting from multi storage locations for the same item Material movement
Type of waste observed when repairing defects Correction
Each step in a process should _____ from the upstream process step Pull
The initials “VSM” stand for Value Stream Map
A system to sequence production of products with varying labor content and demand Heijunka
Another name for TPS Toyota Production System Lean Manufacturing
Japanese term for radical change Kaikaku
Ideal number of pieces processed in any process step when the total demand is ten One
Calculation for takt time Available Time/ Customer Demand
Without a _____ there can be no Kaizen Standard
Changing fit, form or function of an item in a manner the customer is willing to pay Value Added
Type of waste observed when sub-assembling items for a week’s worth of work Overproduction
Type of waste observed when switching an air hose attachment from one tool to another Motion
Prevents error from happening POKA-YOKE
Define, measure, analyze, improve and _____ Control “part of six sigma”
Six Sigma Define, measure, analyze, improve, control
Number 1 priority of our company SAFETY
Visual signal ANDON
Maximum # of defects that should be passed forward ZERO
What process performs an operation on all items in a group before proceeding to the next operation Batch
Continuous improvement through incremental changes KAIZEN
(Machine availability) X (Performance Rate) X (Quality Rate) = OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Card used to signal need for materials Card used to signal need for materials
Systematic methodology for implementing rapid change through elimination of waste Lean Manufacturing
4 basic concepts of LEAN Eliminate waste, visual, 5-S, standard work
Continued/uninterrupted progression of any activity FLOW
Definition of Elimination of Waste Produce right product at right time in right quantities for customer demand
Waste exists everywhere 5-M Man, method, material, machine, money
Japanese word for “Go see the truth GEMBA
Lean manufacturing Standardized System definition Product flow, simplified practices, consistent methods, applying better ideas, leveled work loads
Area to sort items not needed “Red Tag”
Acronym for board to post Safety, quality, delivery, inventory, 5-S SQDIP
This presents the same information to everyone Objectives of Visual Controls
What is MBWA Management by walking around
Visual Management is see, respond, & adjust PDCA Plan, do, check, act
Standard Work is Standard work is a routine/sequence for work to be done, is the basis for improvement
Kai means Good
Zen means Change
Kaizen means Change for the better or continuous improvement
Difference between man and machine Machines depreciate & wear out/become obsolete Man appreciates, gains skills & knowledge
SDCA and PDCA Standardize – Do – Check - Act Plan – Do – Check - Act
TPM is Total Productive Maintenance TPM is a method for improving equipment or manufacturing processes, involves all people
Goals of a Pull System One-piece production, perfect quality to customer, near zero lead time, only necessary inventory
Poka Yoke Japanese term “mistake proof”, method of designing processes to prevent errors
Jidoka Detects the error
4 Levels of Quality 1 – Customer inspects 2– End of line inspection 3 – End of Process inspect 4 – Perfect Quality built in
Value Stream Map shows All the actions required to bring a product through its main flows to the customer
Current State Map shows & identifies what Current State Map shows what is happening now, identifies waste, can see possible flow & pull
Standardized System will improve Product flow, simplified practices, consistent methods, applying better ideas, leveled work loads
6 Benefits of a Standardized System 6 Benefits of a Standardized System
7 Benefits of 5-S Improve productivity, quality, safety, visibility management, work environment, identify normal vs abnormal, reduces floor space
Standard Work Needs Takt time, work sequence, SWIP Standard work in process
A production system in which batches are used, where there is excessive WIP inventory Push
Anything that does not add value is considered ______________ Waste
We retain 80% of what we put into _______________ Practice
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