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Chapter 1

Networks and the Internet

notebook computer Similar to a microcomputer; however, it is smaller and portable.
tablet pc's A personal computer similar in size and thickness to a notepad on which youb can take notes using a stylus or digital pen on a touch screen.
handheld operating system Operating system for mobile devices.
smartphones Cellular devices that are able to send and recieve e-mail messages and access the internet.
input devices Enable the user to input data and commands into the computer.
wearable pc's Designed to be worn and used in many occupations.
expansion boards Are curcuit boards that connect to the motherboard to add function to the computer.
CPU Controls the flow of data between the computer's other units.
Bus A set of curcuits that connect the CPU to other components
Rom Contains the most basic operating instructions for the computer.
ram Where memory data and instructions are stored temporarily.
sram A high-speed memory referred to as chache.
operating system Software is run automatically when the computer is turned on and is used to control processing and peripherials.
environment Refers to a computer's hardware and software configuration.
device driver Is one type of utility program.
utility programs Has one clearly defined task, to manage input and output memory.
Mac OS X An operating system
Linux An operating system
Unix An operating system
Web Administrator Someone who runs and maintains a webpage
Windows An operating system
Phishing The act of sending an e-mail to a user falsley claiming to be a legitimate business in an attempt to trick the user into revealing personal information
bus topology A physical LAN topology that uses a single central cable to attach each node directly
ring topology A physical LAN topology where each node is connected to form a closed loop
star topology A physical LAN topology where each node is attached to a hub
Cookie Text file created by the server computer when a user enters information into a website
hacker Person who accesses a computer system without authorization
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