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Web Design Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Vocabulary

Notebook Computers Portable, lightweight computers with capabilities comparable to that of a typical desktop computer
Tablet PCs Designed similar to a pad of paper or pencil. Users simply "write" on a screen with a device called a stylus that is shaped like a this pencil. it uses handwriting recognition software is used to interpet a user's handwriting.
Handheld Computers A mobile computing device.
SmartPhones Cellular phone that is able to send and recieve email messages and access the internet
Wearable Computers A mobile computing device that is incorporated into clothing, eyewear, wristwear, and other wearables.
Peripheral Devices A device attached to a PC
Input Devices Device used to enter data and instructions into the computer.
Expansion Boards Circuit boards that connect to the motherboard to add functionality to the computer.
CPU Processes data and controls the flow of data between other units of the computer. Also contains the ALU. Located on the motherboard.
Bus A central network cable. Also a set of circuits that connect the CPU to other components.
ROM Memory that stores data and is a permanent part of the computer.
Windows Operating system
MAC OS X Operating System
Unix Operating system
Linux Operating system
Enviroment A computer's hardware and software configuration. Also referred to as platform. Enviroment types include desktop, multiuser, network, handheld, distributed, multiprocessing, and multitaksing.
Utility Program Program run by the operating system to manage input and output, read, and write to memory, manage the processor, maintain system memory, and manage files and disks.
Device Driver One type of utility program.
Memory- Resident Programs that are always in the computer's memory.
RAM Memory that temporarily stores data and instructions
SRAM A type of memory.
Online profiling The collection of data about consumers visiting a website. A type of marketing technique.
Operating Systems Software that allows the user to communticate with the computer.
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