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CCNA - Acronyms

IP Internet Protocol
TCP Transmission Control Protocol
NIC Network Interface Card (AKA LAN adaptor)
HTTP Hypertext Transport Protocol
QoS Quality of Service
ISP Internet Service Provider
VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol
DoS Denial of Service (attack)
LAN Local-Area Network
WAN Wide-Area Network
TSP Telecommunication Service Provider
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (standardized protocols)
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force (standardized protocols)
OSI Open Systems Interconnection model
PDU Protocol Data Unit (different at each layer)
ISO International Organization of Standardization
DNS Domain Name System
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
FTP File Transfer Protocol
RFC Requests for Comments (define protocols)
MPEG Motion Picture Experts Group
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group
TIFF Tagged Image File Format
GIF Graphic Interchange Format
P2P Peer-to-Peer
POP Post Office Protocol
HTTPS Secure HTTP (has encryption)
MUA Mail User Agent
MTA Mail Transfer Agent
MDA Mail Delivery Agent
SMB Server Message Block
IAC Interpret as Command
CLI Command Line Interface
VTY Virtual Terminal
UDP User Datagram Protocol
CLI Command Line Interface
GUI Graphical User Interface
SSH Secure Shell protocol
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