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ST230 T2

1. Which phase of wound healing begins within minutes of injury Lag
2. Pieces of plastic or rubber tubing threaded over the retention suture ends prior to tying Bolsters
3. Raised, thickened scar d/t excessive collagen formation Keloid
4. The needle used for tough tissue that's difficult to penetrate Cutting
5. The area of tough connective tissue just beneath the skin and just above the subcut layer Subcuticular
6. The healing process in which a wound is purposely left open and allowed to heal from the bottom up Secondary intention
7. The suture diameter is referred to as the Gauge
8. What type of suture is Surgilon Nylon
9. Which of the following sutures sizes is the smallest in diameter 4-0
10. For the most part, which of the following have replaced umbilical tape as isolation/retraction devices for vessels, nerves, or ducts Vessel loops
11. The partial or total separation of a layer or layers of tissue after closure Dehiscense
12. Surgical silk is a Multifilament nonabsorbable suture
13. Needles manufactured with suture strands inserted into one end are Swaged
14. The needle description code for CTX is Circle Taper Extra Large
15. Which of the following involves irrigation to wash out contaminants and remove devitalized tissue Debridement
16. Plain gut, chromic gut, PDS II, and Monocryl are examples of Monofilament absorbable sutures
17. An absorbable mesh that provides temporary support during healing is Polyglactin 910
18. Eye, point, body, and shape are characteristics of Needles
19. Class ___ surgical wounds have the highest rate of infection. IV
20. In which phase of healing does a wound undergo a slow, sustained increase in tissue tensile strength Maturation
21. Elastic bandages, Montgomery straps, and tape are ex of Outer layers
22. Which description of a needle code means: Small Half (circle) SH
23. Which of the following sutures is a braided polyester fiber suture Ethibond
24. Which type of suture would NOT be used in the presence of infection Silk
25. The least inert of all the synthetic meshes is Polyester fiber mesh
26. All are factors influencing wound healing EXCEPT Gender
27. Which of the following is used on a wound that has been primarily closed and from which little or no drainage is expected One-layer dressing
28. Which dressing layer is considered the absorbent layer Intermediate
29. One of the most important pieces of info the STSR should learn to look for on a box of suture is Suture sz and material
30. Which mesh app may result in discomfort for the Pt Stainless steel
31. The suture is attached to the needle at the Eye
32. Pain, heat, redness, swelling, and loss of function are classic local signs of Inflammation
33. What suture should you never soak Surgical gut
34. The type of needle point used on peritoneum and intestine is Taper
35. Which of the following determines the shape of the needle body Point
36. Sutures placed into an anatomical structure to retract to the side are called Traction
37. Second intention healing involves Wound granulation
38. Which of the following is commonly used for tendon repair Ethibond
39. An intentional cut through intact tissue for the purpose of exposing or excising underlying structure is called Incision
40. A primary suture line consisting of a single strand of suture placed as a series of stitches Continuous
41. Which of the following sutures is absorbable Polyglactin 910
42. A type of suture that has a high tensile strength and supports a wound indefinitely Stainless steel
43. In proliferation phase, which of the following forms into fibers that give the wound approximately 25% to 30% of its original tensile strength Collagen
44. The final wound classification is assigned when The procedure is finished
45. What is the Ethicon trade name for Polyglicapron 25 Monocryl
46. The rupture of a wound with spilling of contents is known as Evisceration
47. A tract bt two epithelium-lined surfaces that is open at both ends is called Fistula
48. A curved, tapered needle is used most often on Bowel tissue
49. How is a vertical mattress suture placed Stitched perpendicular to the incision
50. Precut ties that are removed as single strands from the package & placed into the opened hand of the surgeon for use as ligatures are Free
51. Occlusive adherent polyurethane, liquid collodion, and aerosol adhesive sprays are ex of One-layer dressings
52. What is the common usage for a braided nylon suture (Nurolon) Neurosurgical closures
53. A stapler commonly used during resection and reanastomosis of distal colon or rectum is a/an ___ stapler Intraluminal circular
54. A wound expected to heal by first intention is a/an Clean wound
55. Which contact layer of a dressing draws fluids from the wound surface and allows for the passage of air Nonocclusive
56. A needle that can penetrate tissue without cutting it is a/an Tapered-Point
57. The nomenclature for cardiovascular needle is CV
58. A suture used in long-term tensile strength for fascia repair is Polydioxanone
59. An abnormal attachment of 2 surfaces or structures that are normally separate is called a/an Adhesion
60. Large-gauged, interrupted, nonabsorbable sutures placed lateral to a primary suture line for wound reinforcement are called Retention
61. A fast-healing, thin membrane lining the abdominal cavity Peritoneum
62. Another name for polyglycolic acid suture is Dexon
63. Which of the following is a polyester fiber suture Mersilene
64. Match type of suture pkg c correct color for ID: Nylon Green
65. Match type of suture pkg c correct color for ID: Vicryl Violet
66. Match type of suture pkg c correct color for ID: Prolene Blue
67. Match type of suture pkg c correct color for ID: Chromic gut Beige
68. Match type of suture pkg c correct color for ID: Plain gut Yellow
69. Match type of suture pkg c correct color for ID: Monocryl Pinkish red/coral
70. Match type of suture pkg c correct color for ID: PDS II Silver
71. Match type of suture pkg c correct color for ID: Mersilene Turquoise
72 - 79. Label the diff types of sutures to the pictures Retention Suture, Continuous Suture, Purse String Suture, Horizontal Mattress Suture, Interlocking Suture, Vertical Mattress Suture, Subcutical Suture, Interrupted Suture
Created by: elizabeth-mcw
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