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ST230 T3

ST230 T3 - Instruments, Dressings

1. T/F - Ebonized instruments are recommended for use in the presence of operative laser light. True
2. T/F - A Richardson-Eastman rectractor has one working end. False
3. T/F - A #25 blade will fit on a #9 knife handle. False
4. T/F - Carbon in surgical stainless steel enables instrumentation to resist corrosion. False
5. T/F - Skin markers used to make preoperative marks on the Pt's skin should be reused inraoperatively. False
6. T/F - The STSR must pay close attention to the entire OR suite, rather than focus solely on the needs of the pt. True
7. T/F - The STSR should keep instrumentation clean intraoperatively and wipe ea used intrument with a moistened sponge before returning to the Mayo stand. True
8. T/F - The intraoperative phase of surgical case mngmnt begins once the wound is closed and the final count is correct. False
9. T/F - Tissue burned with electrosurgical current is known as char. True
10. T/F - The STSR must have a sound working knowledge of operative pathology and always be prepared for unknown or unpredictable pathological conditions or variations. True
11. T/F - Irrigation/aspiration units may be powered by pressurized nitrogen gas. True
12. T/F - Sterile surgical drapes may be constructed of either fluid-resistant or fluid-proof materials. True
13. T/F - Once the skin incision is made, the skin knife should be replaced by a clean deep knife. True
14. Prep perimeters for ulnar nerve transposition should include the entire arm, shoulder, and axilla, including the hand. True
15. T/F - Complete hemostasis must be achieved prior to closure of the surgical wound. True
16. T/F - Foley cath insertion typically takes place prior to anesthetizing the pt in preparation for the surgical procedure. False
17. When passing a ringed instrument, the STSR holds the instrument by the ___ and places the instrument within the surgeon's open hand. Box Lock
18. The STSR is scrubbing a laparoscopic gastric bypass procedure with the surgeon to her left. The surgeon, who is left handed, has motioned for the laparoscopic Metz scissors. The STSR will pass the instrument to the surgeon using her ___ hand. Right
19. Pledgets are made from ___ Teflon
20. Ligating clips may be constructed of ___ materials. All of the above (Titanium, Stainless steel, and Plastic)
21. Lahey forceps would most likely be found in a/an ___ instrument set. Laparotomy
22. Potts-Smith's are classified as ___ instruments. Cutting and Dissecting
23. The typical intraoperative pressure for pneumoperitoneum is ___ 12-15 mmHg
24. Once the incision is made, the STSR should anticipate the needs of the surgeon by preparing and passing the ____. ESU Handpiece
25. As the incision is carried deeper into body tissues, the STSR should anticipate the needs of the surgeon and surgical first assistant by replacing instrumentation on the Mayo stand with ____ instruments. Longer
26. Following application of the surgical dressing, the STSR should _____ before removing the sterile drapes. Secure sharps
27. The intraoperative phase of surgical case mngmnt begins ____ Once the incision is made
28. Prep perimeter for ORIF of a medical melleolus fracture would include ___ The foot and entire leg from ankle to knee
29. For orthopedic procedures, contamination is most likely to occur ___ While draping an extremity
30. Prep perimeters for MPJ arthoplasty are extended to ___ 7.5 cm above the elbow
31. A Band-Aid is an ex of a simple ____ dressing. Three-layer
32. A/an ____ is an ex of a single-layer dressing. Op-site
33. A dressing soaked in Dakin's solution and used to mechanically debride dried burn wounds is a Wet-to-dry dressing
34. A circumferential neck dressing fashioned from a surgical towel and used following thyroidectomy is a Queen Anne's collar
35. A ____ is a non-retaining urinary catheter featuring a curved, rigid. Coude
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