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farma final

all ch

What is the temperature at the freezing point in the celcius scale 0 degrees
1 milliliter is equal to ______ CC 1
Which of the following statements is correct 1/2 is greater than 1/3
Reduce 30/180 to its lowest terms 1/6
What is the result of dividing 1/48 by 1/8 1/6
Normal pH of gastric acid 2
What is the result of adding 2 2/5 and 1 1/4? 3 13/20
What is the normal range for serum potassium 3.5-5 mEq/L
Dr Garcia uses a solution of 5000 units of bacitracin in 500cc of saline at the end of each case. Bacitracin is available in 1000 units per cubic centimeter. How many cubic centimeters of bacitracin should be added to the saline solution? 5
Find tne result of 4 1/7 x 1 1/2 6 3/14
Once a unit of fresh frozen plasma has been thawed, it must be used within.... 6 hours
Which of the following fractions is equalivant to 3 1/2 7/2
The average blood to body mass ratio in an adult 7%
Given 3:4=x:12 9
The surgeon has asked for 7:2:1 solution of saline, bacitracin, and kefzol. What percentage of the solution does kefzol represent 10%
Normal hemoglobin level, in G/100mL, for an adult female 14
Multiply 0.87 by 19.23 16.7301
Normal hemoglobin level, in G/100mL, for an adult male 18
Find the result of 15.234 + 3.73 18.964
Find the lowest common denominatorof 1/5 and 1/4 20
Dr baker needs 50cc of 1/4% hypaque to perform cholangiogram. You have a vial of 1/2% hypaque available. How much 1/2% hypaque and how much saline do you need to make up the requested solution 25cc of 1/2% hypaque and 25cc of saline
3 is what percent of 12 25%
Normal range of hematocrit values for an adult female 37%-47%
Normal hematocit value for adult male 51%
Ms lopez has a body temp of 40 degrees Celsius. what is her temp in Fahrenheit 104 degrees Fahrenheit
find the result of 248.98-37.671 211.309
How is "two hundred seventy nine and five hundred seventy thousandths" written in numerical terms 279.570
Divide 57.72 by 0.09 641.333
Hemostatic agent that may be used dry or moist and is available in film, powder, and sponge forms absorbable gelatin
When a drug travels from the site of administration into the blood stream it is called absorption
Agent used to identify area of cervical dysplasia for laser cervical conization acetic acid
Microorganisms that require oxygen for growth are classified as aerobic
A drug that binds to receptor and stimulates its function is said to be agonist
Which of the following is a steroid hormone aldosterone
who discovered penicillin alexander fleming
Phacoemulsification and extra capsular cataract extraction techniques have made what drug obsolete alpha-chymotrypsin
Mediation that is a proteolytic enzyme alpha-chymotrypsin
Used for hypovolemic trauma pts or short procedures on pt with compromised cardiac function or both amidate
What is considered the simplest form of hormones amines
Non-steroid hormones are synthesized from amino acids
A drug or technique that provides relief of pain without loss of consciousness is called analgesic
Which group of meds of given to relieve pain and reduce the amount of anesthesia needed during surgery analgesics
Steroid hormones that promote male characteristics are androgens
Certain pathogenic microorganisms have developed a capacity to fight off certain antibiotics this is referred to as antibiotic resistance
Commonly used antibiotics are ___________ agents antibacterial
When a microorganisms DNA sequence is altered to prevent destruction by an agent, the microorganism is said to have developed antibiotic resistance
A drug that blocks parasympathetic nervous impulses is called anticholingergic
Meds used to inhibit mucous secretions of the resp and digestive tract anticholingergics
Agents that inhibit the process of blood clot formation anticoagulants
Meds used to reduce nausea and possibility of vomiting are called antiemetics
The anterior chamber of the eye is filled with aqueous humor
When a pt donates his/her own blood before scheduled surgery autologous
Causes adhesion formation if it comes in contact with nonbleeding tissues avitene
Hemostatic agent that promotes platelet aggregation leading to clot formation avitene
Not a form of oxidized cellulose avitene
Not a form of absorbable collagen sponge avitene
What method of anesthesia is likely to be used for a 45 y/o alcohol intoxicated man for a closed reduction and cast application of a fractured forearm axillary block
An agent that is used to destroy bacteria is called bactericidal
An antimicrobial agent used to inhibit bacterial growth is called bacteriostatic
The anesthesia technique that uses both inhalation and IV agents is called balanced anesthesia
Ultra-shot-acting IV anesthesia agents administered during the induction phase barbiturates
Most often used group of prop sedatives benzodiazepines
Why is topical application the most common method of administering anesthesia for eye surgery blood-eye barrier prevents effective absorption of most systemic drugs
Hemostatic agent that creates a mechanical barrier to control bleeding bone wax
Generic name for Marcaine bupivacaine
Local anesthetic has the longest duration bupivacaine
Not a topical hemostatic calcium salts
Type of diuretic that is prescribed in treatment of glaucoma carbonic anhydrase inhibitors
Ancef is a member of the ________ antibiotics group cephalosporin
Which of the following major groups of antibiotics is classified into four generations on the basis of the spectrum of its activity cephalosporin
What is the cardiac condition that requires treatment with diuretics chf
The most common cardiac dysfunction requiring treatment with diuretics chf
Steroid hormones are derived from cholesterol
The vascular layer of the globe of the eye choroid
Aqueous humor is a fluid secreted by ciliary processes
Which member of the surgical team must document the medications that are used at the surgical field circulator
Distribution of drugs within the body is carried out through which of the following body systems circulatory
In which phase of human testing is the drug given to healthy volunteers clinical pharmacology
Drugs that promote clot formation are termed coagulants
What is the local anesthesia that is only used topically cocaine
Not an amide anesthetic cocaine
What type of anesthesia is never injected cocaine
The mucous membrane layer that covers the inside of the eyelids as well as the anterior surface of the globe of the eye conjunctiva
Which of the following is a reason to consider a course of treatment as improper or undesirable contraindication
Medication labels must contain all of the following information EXCEPT contraindications
Which standards were passed in 1970 controlled substance act
The clear nonvascular fibrous tissue that covers the front of the eye to allow light into the eye corneas
Nitrogenous compound excretion of urine creatine
Blood test use to determine donor-recipient compatibility cross-match
Preoperative assessment of the surgical pt is conducted by any of the individuals EXCEPT CST
A series of test used to identify pathogenic microorganisms and determine their susceptibility to various antibiotics is called culture and sensitivity
Not a component of blood Cytotoxins
What was established to enforce the controlled substance act DEA
Opeiods requires largest dose demerol
The purpose of animal testing phase in drug testing is to determine toxic effects and safe dosage
When changing shifts, the incoming ST notices one of the meds on sterile field is not accurately labeled. What should she/he do? discard the medication and ask the circulator for a new dose
Group of medications that causes elimination of excess fluid by preventing reabsorption of sodium and water diuretics
Anesthetic agents are reversed or discontinued, or both, during which phase emergence
Proteins used in eye surgery that act as catalysts to speed up chemical reactions are called enzymes
Which of the following is not a steroid hormone epinephrine
If the numerator and the denominator are equal to each other, the fraction is considered equal to 1
A surgical site infection that results from poor aseptic technique at the time of delivering an item to the sterile field is classified as exogenous
Prescribing a limited spectrum antibiotic is a working theory for the development of resistant pathogens false
The scrub may receive meds into the sterile field by allowing the circulator to place the bottle on the corner of the back table false
Dye is used to enhance radiographic studies false
Production of hormones is a function of blood in maintaining hemostasis false
A 20 gauge hypodermic needle is larger than an 18 gauge false
0.74% Marcaine is commonly used for topical ophthalmic anesthesia administration false
Sublimaze is a trade name for fentanyl
During the 3rd stage of blood clot formation is formed fibrin
Natural clot dissolving enzyme in the blood fibrinolysin
The fluid that is emptied from the collecting ducts into the renal pelvis filtrate
An individual synthetic antibiotic agent that is administered intravenously for prophylaxis in colorectal procedures and is also used for treatment of surgical site infections caused by anaerobic bacteria flagyl
Form of donor blood that may be administered when clotting factors are necessary in addition to volume replacement fresh frozen plasma
What is a loop diuretic furosemide (Lasix)
Which of the following is an aminoglycoside garamycin
Which form of drug preparation tends to act more quickly gas
Surgical marking pens contain what dye gentian violet
Group of diseases characterized by increased intraocular pressure is known as glaucoma
Increased intraocular pressure is characteristic of what disease glaucoma
If the numerator is greater than the denominator, the value of the fraction must be greater than 1
Blood test that measures O2-carrying capacity of the blood hematocrit
Term indicated abnormally high potassium in the blood hyperkalemia
Endocrine disorder that may be treated surgically hypersecretion
Osmotic diuretics may be prescribed for all of the following except hypertension
Term indicates abnormally low potassium concentration in the blood hypokalemia
If the numerator is greater than the denominator, the fraction is a(n) improper fraction
Dye most likely to be used intravenously indigo carmine
Dye used to verify kidney function indigo carmine
Phase of gen anesthesia that includes administration of agent induction
Patient intubation is performed at which phase of anesthesia induction
Which is the preop phase of gen anesthesia induction
The food and drug administration regulates the pharmaceutical industry for adherence to each of the following except institutional policies and procedures
Anterior and posterior chambers are separated by the iris
BSS is an example of what ophthalmic drug category irrigating solutions
Most drugs are excreted and eliminated by the kidney
Nephrons are the filtering units found in the kidneys
The trade name for furosemide lasix
Diuretic particularly useful in the presence of brain trauma as it decreases intracranial pressure by rapidly removing fluid that accumulates in brain tissue in response to trauma lasix
Focuses the image onto the retina lens
Anterior and posterior cavities of the eye are separated by the lens
Blood component that protects the body against microorganisms by phagocytosis leukocytes
Generic name for xylocaine lidocaine
The area where the cornea and sclera meet limbus
Drugs are chemically altered by a process called metabolism in the liver
What method of anesthesia will most likely be used for an elective cystoscopy on an adult local
A healthy 32 y/o woman is scheduled for elective excision of a nevus (mole) from her right shoulder, what method of anesthesia is likely to be used? local
Topical administration of 4% cocaine solution for a septoplasty is an example of _____ anesthesia local
Anesthesia that is administered at the surgical site local
The most common type of syringe used in surgery is the luer-loc
Which agent is used to demonstrate cellular level tissue change lugol's solution
Strong iodine mixture that is used to perform schiller's test on cervical tissue lugol's solution
Phase of gen anesthesia that includes administration of muscle relaxants maintenance
Diuretic that may be given during neurosurgical procedures to reduce intracranial pressure mannitol
The most commonly used osmotic diuretic is mannitol (osmitrol)
All of the following must be read aloud when identifying a drug except manufacturer
Brand name for bupivacaine Marcaine
Multidose vials may or may not be recapped aseptically and dates so the remaining portions could be used at a later time may not
Demerol is trade name for Meperidine
Which of the following is an example of dye methylene blue
Dye used to establish patency of fallopian tube methylene blue
The united states pharmacopoeia uses the ______ measurement system metric
Ration of amnt of meds in milligrams per kilograms of pt's weight is demonstrated mg/kg
Medication that should be reconstituted immediately before use miochol
Acetylcholine chloride in a solution of mannitol is marketed under the trade name miochol
Not a viscoelastic agent miochol
Blurred vision, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea, and eyebrow, and eyelid pain are side effects of which group of ophthalmic drug miotics
Drugs that constrict the pupil by stimulating the iris muscle are called miotics
Astramorph is a trade name for morphine
Group of ophthalmic drugs that dilates the pupil mydriatics
Opiates are a subgroup of narcotics
Improper of inadequate labeling of medication may be considered negligence
Which of the following is not a major group of antibiotics neobiotics
Which of the following is only available in topical form because it is too toxic for systemic use neomycin
During induction and emergence phases the pt is prone to agitation and excitement as a result of noise
The abbreviation NPO represents nothing by mouth
universal donor O-
The time between administration of a drug and the first appearance of its effects is called onset
Mannitol is classified as a(n) ______ diuretic osmotic
Type of diuretic that increases blood pressure and volume by drawing fluid out of tissues and into the circulatory system osmotic diuretics
Form of donor blood that contains RBCs only packed cells
Form of donor blood that has been used successfully in place of whole blood packed cells with synthetic blood volume expander
A medication to administered by any route except the mouth is given parenterally
Prescriptions must include all of the following information except pt's social security number
What is the most frequently used pharmacology resource PDR
Which is not a benzodiazepine pentothal
Hormones made of short chains amino acids are called _______ hormones peptide
The study of four basic processes of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion in response to drugs is termed pharmcokinetics
ASA has established the criteria for classification of the pt's physical status
Gland that is called the "master gland" pituitary
Blood components that is a necessary element in the clotting process platelets
How is an order for a drug to be given orally indicated PO
Phase of general anesthesia that includes preoxygenation of pt preinduction
Preoperative pt assessment and evaluation is performed during what phase preinduction
Five phases of general anesthesia in correct sequences preinducion, induction, maintenance, emergence, recovery
An order for a drug to be given as needed is called a ______ order PRN
Bacteria are classified as _____ because they do not have fully developed nuclei prokaryotes
Which is not in the benzodiazepine family promethazine
The set of standards for quality and proper labeling of drugs, which was passed in 1906, was called pure food and drug act
How is an order for a drug to be taken "every 4 hours" indicated on a prescription Q4H
Which is the post op phase of gen anesthesia recovery
Elective surgery may be cancelled if the pt presents with a blow normal hemoglobin level because it indicates reduced O2-carrying capacity
Gastroesophageal reflux may occur when the lower esophageal sphincter and thorax muscles relax
Nervous layer of the eye retina
List the six rights of med administration right dose, right pt, right med, right time, right documentation, right route
The dense, white, fibrous connective tissue that coats the entire globe of the eye is called the sclera
Which group of meds is given to relieve a pt's preop anxiety sedatives
The term anesthesia means without sensation
Which statement does not apply to the required steps for proper medication show the label to the surgeon
An expected but unintended effect of a drug is termed a(n) ____ effect side
Causes a chemical burn to stop capillary bleeding silver nitrate
Which drug form is used the least in the OR solid
Type of regional block that is the anesthetic agent injected into the subarachnoid space spinal
Ordering, dispensing, and administering of medications are governed by state practice acts
Opioid that requires the smallest dose sublimaze
Opioid that has the shortest onset sublimaze
If a blood clot is formed in a artery, which course of treatment is most likely surgical
A drug that enhances the effect of another drug is called a(n) synergist
Before meds are entered into the sterile field they must be identified by the scrub and circulator
An anticoagulant drug is classified by its therapeutic action
During the 2nd stage of blood clot formation ____ is formed thrombin
Not a form of absorbable gelatin thrombogen
Agents that dissolve already formed clots thrombolytics
During the 1st stage of blood clot formation _____ is formed both A and B
Formation or presence of a blood clot within the vascular system is termed thrombosis
How is an order for a drug to be given "three times a day" indicated TID
Chronic open angel glaucoma results from a blockage of the trabecular meshwork
Risk associated with transfusion of donor blood transmission of blood borne pathogens
General anesthesia may be accomplished by administration of inhalation or IV drugs or both true
Analgesics are used in surgery to reduce the necessary amount of anesthesia drugs true
Contrast media is not absorbed by abnormal cells true
Cocaine is a controlled substance and when used in the OR must never be left unattended true
Calcium and vitamin K play vital roles in the process of clot formation true
Preoperative assessment of the surg pt includes a questionnaire to be completed by the pt, as well an interview by the anesthesia provider true
Many antibiotics are natural chemicals that are produced by microorganisms true
Production of histamine receptor antagonists to bind to target cells is not a function of hormones true
Local anesthesia blocks the transmission of pain impulses to the brain; as a result, the pt cannot feel pain but is able to move and feel pressure true
When a medication error has occurred, an incident report is required true
Prophylaxic measure before scheduled surgery is not an indication for blood replacement true
What is the abbreviation for an ointment form of a given drug UNG
When recapping needle you should use the one handed method
Diazapam is the generic name for valium
A medical plan of treatment for thrombosis usually indicates that a clot has formed in a vein
Trade name for midazolam versed
Thick, gelatinous substances that are injected into the eye to keep the chamber expanded or to replace vitreous humor are viscoelastic agents
The posterior cavity of the globe is filled with vitreous humor
What is a GI tract group of bacteria that has developed resistance to vancomycin VRE
Diuretics cause elimination of excess fluid by preventing reabsorption of water
Forms of donor blood that is only used in case of massive blood loss whole blood
Mixed with injectable local anesthesia agents to increase its rate of diffusion through tissures wydase
Brand name for lidocaine xylocaine
Local anesthetic that has the shortest duration xylocaine
What is the result of subtracting 1/8 from 5/8 1/2
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