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HD One

The transfer of data sent in any order in data packets is called? Downloading
A system in which the electron beam scans line l, then line 2, and so on until all the lines are scanned is what type of scanning? Progressive
The rearrangement but not elimination of redundant picture information for easier storage and signal transport is what type of compression? Lossless
One of the major advantages of making a copy of a digital video file as opposed of to analog is? No Generation Loss
The switcher used to switch multi-camera shoots in a studio, soundstage or remote production truck is what type? Production Switcher
Name a type of flat panel display that has a fixed resolution? LCD
What’s one of the 3 original digital television system? 480i
What is the aspect ratio for wide-screen HDTV? 16:9
Can a digital TV display only interlaced or only progressive or can it display both? Both
Standard NTSC T.V uses what type of scanning system? Interlaced
Which colors are referred to as the primary colors? RGB
Zooming in all the way on Talent, Focusing, and then zooming out to reset the shot is what? Set Focus, Extreme or Critical Focus
The Sony HDCAM Deck records at what resolution? 1920x1080
A scanning system that requires two passes to scan the entire screen is what type of scanning? Interlaced
Compression type that removes data permanently is what type of compression? Lossy
List an example of intraframe compression? JPEG
What is the smallest single imaging element? Pixel
From the remote control panel you can perform what camera function? Iris and White Balance
Which channel is the channel responsible for colors? Chrominance
In the camera chain, the camera cable connects the Camera to what unit? CCU / Camera Control Unit
What is the most common imaging device in the color cameras? Charged Couple Device
Which channel is the channel responsible for brightness? Luminance
One of the three main parts of the camera is what piece? Body, Lens, Viewfinder
What piece inside the camera transforms light into electronic energy or video signals? Sensor CCD
What is one of the main image benefits of suing a 3 chip camera? Better Color
What is the outcome when all 3 primary colors are combined at full intensity? White
What is one of the 3 color attributes? Brightness, Saturation, Hue
What would you use to electronically boost the signal in low-light conditions? Gain
How do you minimize the blur of fast-moving objects when shooting? Increase Shutter Speed
What is the distance of fiber optic cable can transfer video signals? 2 Miles
Convert the digital byte 00001001 into a number. 9
What does the delegation controls on a switcher control? What does it change? Transition
What bus on the switcher’s inputs are directly switched to the line-out? Program Bus
When you switch cameras using the program bus only what style of switching are you doing? Hot Punching
HDCam Tape records in what type of format? 1080i Tape
What is the electronic device that all controls room electronics use for timing the system? Sync Generator
What is the professional video signal connector called? BNC / Bayonet Natal Connector
Which switcher control allows a title to be keyed over the line-out image/signal as it leaves the switcher? Downstream Keyer
What does SOT stand for? Sound of Tape
The sync generator is one part of what linked system? Camera Chain
A switcher that can cue VTRs and can automatically switch to Network programming based on a program. Master Control
What is a digital connection with the highest data rate? HDSDI
What type of compression looks for redundancies using Groups of Practices? Interframe
What is a news story in which the spoken news copy is part of the tape roll called? Reader or Package
Having a camera shoot a card with a graphic on it largely been replaced with an electronic system. Electronic Still Storage
When the light that enters the Camera hits the Beam Splitter it is before what part of the camera? CCD Sensor
Interframe compression is used in what type of compression? MPEG
The channel containing the brightness information is what channel? Y
Television signal split into one Luminance and one Chrominance is what type? YC
Analog video recording systems always record in what format? Interlaced
The HDV data stream (not HQ) Is not compressed
What type of news story is read off the prompter? Reader
What splits the incoming light into Red, Green and Blue light beams? Prism Blocks
What is a news story in which a news anchor reads the prompter while the video is shown? Voice Over
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