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ST230 T1

ST230 T1 Intro to Surgical Instruments - what they do/category

1. Placement of the tourniquet cuff is determined by the ___ Surgeon
2. Newer dermatomes and high-speed dermabraders for skin grafts are powered by ___ Compressed Nitrogen
3. Video cameras and light cords should be sterilized using ___ Peracetic Acid
4. Gas is infused into the abdominal cavity through a(n) ___ Veress Needle
5. Neurosurgeons prefer an angled suction tip with a proximal thumb hold that allows variability in suction strength. An ex would be a ___ Baron
6. A ___ bronchoscopy is preferred for retrieval of a foreign body from a bronchus. Rigid
7. Most modern surgical instruments are made of ___ Stainless Steel
8. Curved needle holders are generally used during ____ procedure Gynecological
9. Which instrument finish is useful for procedures involving a laser? Black chromium
10. Knives, scalpels, and scissors are classified as ___ instruments Cutting
11. Instruments used to hold a curved suture needle for suturing are called ____ Needle holder
12. The suction tip typically used for ear procedures is the ___ Rosen
13. The term knife is used interchangeably with the term ___ Scapel
14. Curved iris and Potts-Smith scissors are frequently used to dissect ___ tissue Delicate
15. Strabismus and corneal scissors are most often used for ___ procedures Eye
16. The most frequently used scissors for cutting sutures are the ___ Straight Mayo
17. Which of the following is not a common tissue forceps Allis
18. Lane, Kern, Lowman, and Lewin are examples of ___ Bone holding clamp
19. Clamping instruments are designed to ___ Occlude tissue
20. Instruments designed for the exposure of the operative site are called ___ Retractors
21. Yankauer and Poole suction tips are commonly used for Aspiration of fluids
22. Postoperative instrument handling involves all of the following steps EXCEPT Distribution
23. On which handle will blades #11, and #12 NOT fit? #4
24. The most commonly used scissors during a hysterectomy is a Curved Mayo (Jorgenson's are used but only like once)
25. Straight hemostats are frequently used for Tagging Suture
26. The scope used for visualization of the heart and major vessels is called a(n) ____ Angioscope
27. An instrument that penetrates a body cavity for drainage of fld is called a Trocar
28. General abdominal procedures typically require a(n) ___ instrument set Laparotomy
29. Scopes typically used for cystoscopy, laparoscopy, and thoracoscopy are called Rigid
30. The scope used for exploration of the biliary system is called a(n) Choledochoscope
31. What machine uses electric impulses to generate heat and is cooled by air or fluid that flows through the power cord Piezoelectric Unit
32. Which of the following isolate and protect the operative site from contaminants Drapes
33. Drapes that have an adhesive backing that can be impregnated with an antimicrobial iodine agent are called Incise
34. Drapes that have openings for exposure of the area to be incised are called Fenestrated
35. Sponges used for procedures requiring smaller incisions are called Raytec
36. Which of the following is used to irrigate wounds, aspirate fluids, or inject medications Syringe
37. The ___ is an example of a suprapubic catheter Pezzar
38. A Tru-Cut needle is used ___ To obtain biopsy
39. Small, clear, plastic drapes with openings that are surrounded by an adhesive backing are called ___ drapes Aperature
40. Neurosurgical sponges are referred to as ___ Patties
41. Tonsil sponges are assembled in packages of ___ Five
42. ___ gas is infused into the abdominal cavity for laparoscopic procedures CO2
43. The nerve stimulator is especially useful for identification of the ___ cranial nerve Seventh
44. Occlude To constrict
45. Nonpermeable Occlusive
46. Oscillating Side to side cutting motion
47. Reciprocating Back and forth cutting motion
48. Endotracheal tube Tube passed through nose or mouth between vocal cords and into trachea
49. Permeable Nonocclusive
50. Trocar Instrument with sharp point & cutting edges that allow for penetration of a body cavity
51. Insufflations Expansion of the abdominal cavity using gas
52. Tracheotomy Tube Tube placed directly into the trachea via an incision
53. Stainless steel Combination of Carbon, Chromium, Iron, and Alloys
54. The compounding operating microscope uses ___ for variable magnification of tissue. Bent Light Waves
Created by: elizabeth-mcw
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