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Instructor 1 review

Fire instructor1 7th edidition

_____ step in the 4-step method of instruction is intended to motivate students to learn PREPERATION
List the 4 steps in the 4-step method of instruction Preperation Presentation Application Evaluation
______ step in the 4-step method of instruction present the information using an orderly sequential outline PRESENTATION
_______ or ______ seating arrangement uses fixed seating that permanently faces the stage Auditorium or theater
_____ and _____ in the four step method of instruction are often combined Presentation and application
_____ to _____begins with material that students are familiar with or already know Known to Unknown
____ to _____ begins by teaching basic knowledge or skills and then introduce more difficult or complex knowledge as the lesson progresses Simple to Complex
____ component of the oral presentation is used to get the attention of students Introduction
___ ______/_____ interaction is a disadvantage of the lecture format Limited student / instructor interaction
A ________ question is used to stimulate thinking or motivate participants and does not necessarily have an ______ response 1. Rhetorical question 2. oral response
An excellent medium for illustrating mechanical or spatial concepts is Models
____ ____ ____ aids give tremendous benefits in increasing realism for EMS training involving hands on applications Causality simulation training aids
____ _____ is a description of a real or hypothetical problem that an organization or an individual has dealt with or could deal with Case Study
Which NFPA standard must all flammable / combustible liquid fire training conform to? NFPA 1403
A.C.I.D stands for Attention - Curiosity - Intrest - Desire
_____ consists of ___ parts Preperation - 2 parts (Preparing instructors to Instruct and preparing students to learn).
3 domains of learning Cognitive(knowledge)-psychomotor(skills) and affective(attitude)
through the ____ domain, students gain understanding about a concept or topic Cognitive domain
Through the _____ domain students perform skills associated with that concept or topic Psychomotor domain
Through the _____domain students develop a willingness to perform the behavior correctly and safely. Affective domain
The Cognative, psychomotor and Affective are the ___, _____, and ____ of the learning process Are the WHAT, HOW and WHY of the learning process
The most commonly understood learning domain is the _______ or _______ domain Cognative or knowledge domain
________ is the profession for teaching children and youth Pedagogy
Pedagogy is also used genericly to describe methods used to deliver _________ instruction
Some pedagogical methods are still applied to _____ education. Adult education
Andragogy refers to the art of teaching __________ Adults
Speech communication research indicates that noverbal communication transmits from ____ to ____ % of the message From 55 to 93% of the message.
the _____ message is only 7% of the non verbal message Verbal message.
The main elements of ______ are eye contact, facial expression, gestures, postures, and poise. Kinesics
Kinesics can project a persons se____-pe_____, em______ st______, ap______, or cu______ ba_____. Self perception, emotional state, approachability, or cultural back-ground
______ is the accumulation of all the other non verbal elements into one image of self connfidence and athority. Poise
Of all the communication skills discused in this manuel, ______ is probably the most important. Listening is the most important.
Listening constitutes approximately __ to __% of a persons day. 42 to 53% of a persons day.
It is estimated that students spend __ to __% of class time _______ to the instructor 50 to 75% listening to the instructor.
As much as __% of oral communication is ignored, misunderstood or quickly forgotten by the listener 75%
Most people remember only__% of a message immediately after they hear it and only__% after ___hrs. 50% 25% 48 hours.
_________ is a physiological process that involves sound waves striking the eardrums. Hearing
________ is an active process that includes attending, understanding, remembering, evaluating, and responding to the speaker. Listening.
_______ means focusing on the speaker and ignoring other distractions. Attending
__________ is restating the message in different words but keeping the same meaning. Paraphrasing
What NFPA standard covers "Guide to building Fire Service Training Centers NFPA 1402
What NFPA standard covers "Standard for Fire Service Instructor Professional Qualifications? NFPA 1041
What NFPA standard on water supplies for suburban and rural fire fighting NFPA 1142
what % of the cone of learning does the " said and repeated" have 70%
What are the 6 sections and percents of the cone of learning 10% reading 20% hearing 30% seeing 50% hearing and seeing 70% said and repeated 90% said and performed
what parts of the cone of learning are passive and active 10% thru 50% are passive 70% thru 90% are active
________ reinforces the students learning Application
List the 6 traits that are important effective leadership 1. Supervisory ability 2. Decisivneses 3. Intelligence 4. Self Assurance 5. Initiative 6. Desire for professional success
Applying a set of morals or values consistently to the decision making process is called INTEGRITY
Basic leadership style categorizes leaders into 3 groups which are: 1. Autocratic 2. Democratic 3. Laissez Faire
The 4 two dimensional leadership styles are: Telling Selling Participating Delegating
List the 8 laws of learning r______,E________,E_________, D_______,A______,R______, P________, and I_________. readiness exercise effect disuse association recency primacy intensity
_________states that the ___ of a series of learned acts would be remembered better than others PRIMACY FIRSTof a series of learned acts
______ simply means that the most recent items or experiences are remembered best RECENCY
The LAw of _______ states that Learning is always more ______ when a satisfaction, pleasantness or reward accompanies or is a result of the learning process LAW of EFFECT EFFECTIVE
THe law of _____ stresses that the more an act is practiced, the faster and surer the learning becomes. LAW of EXERCISE
V______ p_______/d_____ are small video cameras mounted vertically over a tabletop platform Video Presenters / Displays
A simulation that displays a field of view as if the participant is part of the simulated environment is called ______ ________. Virtual Reality
______ ______ is when students portray characters and act the roles assigned to them in scenarios Role Play
A structured exercise that is particularly helpful when the aspects of the affective domain(values, beliefs, and emotions) need to be taught or reinforced is called Role Play
The term_______ refers to the extent to which a test measures what it was designed to measure. Validity
The term ______ refers to the condition that ensures that the test is dependable. Reliability test
___________ tests are quizzes given through out the course or unit of instruction. Formative tests
____________ tests are given to students at the beginning of instruction to establish the students current level of knowledge in order to measure readiness or determine placement Prescriptive test
B_______ S________ sessions are exercises that involve a group of students given a problem or situation and then given time to determine a solution to it. Brain Storming session
The S______ A______ test question may ask students to list items, describe a process, or explain a procedure Short answer test question
The process of evaluation that implies standardization in which the student is compared against a defined criterion or standard is an___________ Evaluation
L______ of S_____ H_______ can be a factor when instructors score answer sheets Legibility of students handwriting.
The instructor attribute that brings excitement to the training environment is: Motivation
Incorrect answers to multiple choice tests are called: Distractors
when speaking the instructor should use voice inflection to Add emphasis
A succesful technique that has been used to redirect daydreamers attention is to: ask a direct question
An accident investigation report should document : facts
A shy or timid learner can be helped by: encouraging participation when discussion is informal.
True false, matching, and fill-in-the-blank are all forms of______ examination Written examination.
at which step in the instructional model for developing an effective lesson plan does MOST learning take place? Application
To be effective, objectives should be stated in: Terms of measurable, observable performance.
________ will include mastery of the subject being taught. Coaching
_____ examinations may be used to supplement performance examinations. Oral examinations
"Repetition is basic to the development of adequate responses" best describes the law of: The Law of Exercise
Study sheets are used to arouse learner interest in a subject.
The method of evaluation used to determine a person's ability to accomplish a task is the p_______ examination. Performance examination.
A reliable examination has the quality of consistent measurement.
A form of presentation wherin the student learns online, then meets with the classmates and the instructor for hands on training, is called Hybrid/blended electronic learning.
The NFPA standard concerning fire department occupational safety is: NFPA 1500
The least powerful learning channel to the brain is the sense of: Smell
An accident investigation should be: objective and free of personal feelings.
An examination that gives consistent results is: a COMPREHENSIVE Examination
Cognitive objectives emphasize: reasoning/analyzing.
An examination that measures what it is supposed to measure is a_________ examination Valid examination
The evaluation step of a lesson plan: Determines whether the objectives of the lesson have been achieved.
The last step in conducting a skills performance evaluation is: Recording the results of the examination.
Regardless of the type of training provided, _________ should be a top priority as part of risk management. record keeping
An examination that compares a learner's performance against a predetermined standard is known as a _______ _______ examination Criterion-referenced examination.
Making fun of another persons religious beliefs is covered by: The civil Rights Act of 1964
For a printed atricle to be considered public domain it must have been published before: 1923
When is a summative evaluation process employed? In the middle or at the end of the course.
At which step in the instructional model for developing an effective lesson plan does MOST learning take place? Application step.
Two of the MOST IMPORTANT characteristics of a well-designed examination are: Validity and reliability
Preperation, Presentation, Application and evaluation are the four steps in the _______ process. instructional process.
What is a key element of most presentations Multimedia tools.
Examinations should be based upon: Learning objectives.
The 6 elements of the communication process are: 1.sender 2.Message 3.Instructional medium 4.Receiver 5.Feedback 6.Environment
The NFPA Standard on the Rehabilitation Process for Members During Emergency Operations and Training Exercises is: NFPA 1584
An intensive kind of tutoring given to learners to improve skills in a subject or activity is referred to as: Coaching
Speech-communicaton professionals teach two types of transitions: Verbal and nonverbal communication
Group involvement is best accomplished by using the______method guided discussion
__________ is the primary learning component for adult learning. Motivation
During the communication process, messages that are transmitted without words are called: nonverbal cues.
To reduce the subjectivity of the performance examination process, the instructor should: develop checklists for each skill being tested.
Approximately 83% of learning is a result of: Seeing
Communication specialist maintain that a message is 7%v_________, 38%v________ q________, and 55% b_________ l____________. 7% verbal,38% vocal quality and 55% body language.
The first step to safe training progams is ________ __________. The next step for creating a safe training enviroment is _____ _________. Preventing accidents Managing accidents.
Investigations are _____ _______ but not ______ ________ procedures. Fact finding and Fault finding
THe _____ is generaly responsible for the accident investigation as required by NFPA _____. ISO and NFPA 1521
Activities that prevent or minimize the effects of a hazard are referred to as __________ or prevention activities Mitigation
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