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DescriptionMatching word
dishonest, cheats at Golf Jordan
Seems pure and wonderful on the outside but the inside is focused on money, yellow gold Daisy
out of place, goes back to Midwest where there are still values Nick
Arrogant, violent, prejudiced Tom
changed his name Jay
Fixed World Series Meyer Wolfsheim
Bootlegger Gatsby
middle name Fay which means Fairy or sprite, an elflike, fairyland creature Daisy
ex football star Tom
light at the pier hope
trapped on valley of ashes, runs a garage George Wilson
has affair with Tom Myrtle Wilson
connected to organized crime Meyer Wolfshiem
wants the benefits her sister shares Catherine
has little contact with parents Pammy
the only person who is kind to Wilson Michaelis
Gatsby's mentor Dan Cody
the drunk boarder, one of many people who use Gatsby Ewing Klipspringer
reminds reader of Gatsby's humble beginnings Henry C. Gatz
Thought the "real" books were cool, went to graveside owl eyes
"God" Eckelburg's glasses
dispair, moral wasteland Valley of Ashes
Nick almost falls in love with Jordan Baker
Tom says he can't divorce because Daisy is Catholic
where old money lives East Egg
Where new money lives West Egg
Another way Gatsby got his money selling illegal, fake bonds
Thinks Gastby could have been a great man his dad, Henry
Has an idealized view of life and himself Gatsby
Doesn't judge Gatsby Nick
moves back to the Midwest to escape moral decay Nick
Symbolic of the lower class and the dression to come Valley of Ashes
Symbolic of wasted morals, money Yellow
Symbolic of honesty Blue
Symbolic of Gatsby's hope, envy Green
Symbolic of weath Silver
Symbolic (ironically) of goodness and purity White
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