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Advancement Exam

A1-F404A-MMI-200 WP 004

(T/F) Interchanging of modules, some module components, or accessories between the F404-GE-400 and F404-GE-402 engine models is allowed. False
The engines consists of how many individually replaceable modules plus an ____________ package. 6 / Accessories
The three-stage fan rotor is driven by a what? Single-stage low-pressure turbine rotor
The seven-stage compressor rotor is driven by what? a single-stage high-pressure turbine rotor
The rotors are supported by how many main engine bearings. The bearings are housed in how many sumps. 5 / 3
Each sump is dependent or independent of the others and is equipped with oil supply and oil scavenge lines? Independent
Each sump is pressurized, and oil leakage is prevented by what? Carbon seals
The engine is divided into how many stations? Station locations are used as references for temperature and pressure-sampling points. 9
The modular design reduces maintenance time and allows flexibility during maintenance because the of what? Modules are interchangeable within an engine model without the need for rigging.
What is the max thrust on the 400 engine? 402 engine? 16,000 lb class / 18,000 lb class
What is the thrust-to-weight ratio on the 400 engine? 402 engine? 7:1 / 8:1
What is the engine compression ratio on the 400 engine? 402 engine? 25:1 / 27:1
(T/F)The F404–GE–400 and F404–GE–402 engine control systems are an integrated pneumatic/hydro/electro/mechanical system. True
What is the following acronym WFM? Main Engine Fuel Flow
What is the following acronym A8? Variable Exhaust Nozzle Area
The control system controls what three things? Fan/Low–Pressure Turbine Speed (N1), Low–Pressure Turbine Discharge Temperature (T5), Compressor Discharge Static Pressure (PS3)
What control system functions are hydro/electromechanical? Engine Starting and Speed Governing
What control system functions are pneumatic? Compressor Discharge Static Pressure Input and Compressor Inlet Temperature Input
The control system has two basic control operation modes. What are they and what do they control? At part pwr oper.,it schedules N2 and A8. At intermediate power and above, it controls maximum N1, maximum T5, and modulates AB power above intermediate power lever angle (PLA).
For engine AB transients, the control system schedules a desired _________ flow and ____ position prior to an AB lightoff. AB Lightoff / VEN Area (A8)
When AB lightoff is achieved, what 2 things are released, allowing rapid AB power transients to the desired PLA schedule. During the transient, A8 varies to limit what? WR and A8 are released / Maximum T5
If the (ECA) malfunctions, what is capable of providing part power thrust modulation with PLA. hydromechanical control
If electrical power to the ECA is lost, what 4 events will take place? (1) Afterburner fuel flow will stop. (2) VEN will close. (3) Fan inlet guide vanes will close. (4) Main fuel flow will be reduced to provide about 50% of intermediate rated power (IRP).
What activates the engine speed lockup device? The Mach number signal
At what mach value will the engine operate at intermediate N2 speed and the speed lockup device will not be deactivated until below this value? 1.23 mach
N2 speed lockup is activated by what on throttle chop out of AB, briefly holding N2 at Intermediate, minimizing the amount of unburned fuel vapor exiting the engine when leaving AB power? The vapor puff relay
What system in the F404-GE-402 engine provides fan overspeed prevention during N2 speed lockup? The vapor puff system
During F404-GE-402 engine supersonic decelerations, fan overspeed is prevented by what directing the MFC to limit fuel flow when N2 speed lockup is activated. The ECA
At higher altitudes, the engine temperature and fan speed limits are _______ to provide additional engine thrust. At lower altitudes, the schedules are __________ to reduce fuel consumption and to extend hot section life. Increased / decreased
When engine is operating at high--power, the fan speed (N1) schedule is ______ when low-pressure turbine discharge temperature (T5) is below its scheduled limit. Raised
At fan inlet temperatures (T1) less than 10 degrees F, the N1 schedule can be raised up to a maximum of what percentage (or less than what percentage if T5 attains its scheduled limit)? 2.2%
The power lever control (PLC) is a fuel-powered servo unit that functions in two ways. What are those two ways and when are they used? Manual - used for most aircraft operations Automatic - Automatic mode is used during landings when the approach power compensator system (APCS) is selected.
The PLC has an internal feedback and sends an MFC throttle position signal through a rotary induction _____________ to the aircraft APCS computer in order to operate the aircraft in automatic land mode. Petintiometer
The 400 and 402 ECA's contain main combustor flameout logic to engage the ignition system automatic relight function when T5 is less than ____°F during non-AB operation and _____°F during AB operation with the A8 demand above 300 square inches. 310 / 640
The F404 engine condition-monitoring system (ECMS) monitors ______ engine parameters and _______ aircraft signals 11 / 8
During normal start-up, The ignition system is automatically turned on by the electrical control assembly (ECA) when power lever angle (PLA) exceeds what temperature, and when N2 exceeds what percentage? 11 degrees F and 10%.
During normal start-up, The ignition system is automatically turned off by the ECA when N2 exceeds about what percentage, or when PLA is retarded to below 3 degrees F. 45%
During normal start-up, when N2 reaches what percentage, the starter deenergizes and the engine accelerates to idle speed under its own power. 52%
Can the oil level be reliably checked through the sight gauge while engines are running? No, because when the engines are turning the oil is being circulated and gives a false reading.
Oil tank sight gage, a prism that reflects the dark color of oil when there is enough oil in the tank. When the oil level is ______ quarts or more below the full level, the prism reflects light and appears clear. 1.5 quarts
Created by: Patabbruzzi
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