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VMware Config Max

VMware Configuration Maximums

Maximum virtual disks per virtual machine (PVSCSI) 60
Max vCPUs per VM (Virtual SMP) 32
Max RAM per VM 1TB
Max VM swap file size 1TB
Max virtual disk size 2TB minus 512 bytes
Max virtual NICs per VM 10
Max xHCI USB controllers per VM 20
Max serial ports per VM 4
Max video memory per VM 128MB
Max concurrent console connections to a VM 40
Max logical CPUs per host 160
Max NUMA nodes per host 8
Max VMs per host 512
Max vCPUs per host 2048
Max vCPUs per core 25
Max virtual disks 16
Max RAM per FT VM 64GB
Max RAM per host 2TB
Max number of swap files 1 per VM
Max swap file size 1TB
Max virtual disks per host 2048
Max LUNs per server 256
Max 10Gb iSCSI HBA initiator ports per server 8
Max 1Gb iSCSI initiator ports per server 4
NICs that cam be associated or port bound with the software iSCSI stack per server 8
Max total storage paths on a server 1024
ISCSI: dynamic targets per adapter port 64
ISCSI: static targets per adapter port 62
1Gb iSCSI HBA targets per adapter port 64
10Gb iSCSI HBA targets per adapter port 128
Software iSCSI targets 256
Max NFS mounts per host 256
Max software FCoE adapters per host 4
Max VMFS volumes per host 256
Max hosts per VMFS volume 64
Powered-on VMs per VMFS volume 2048
Max VMFS3 volume size 64TB
Max RDM size (VMFS3 & 5) 2TB minus 512 bytes
VMFS3 Max block size 8MB
VMFS3 Max file size (1MB Block) 256GB
VMFS3 Max file size (2MB Block) 512GB
VMFS3 Max file size (4MB Block) 1TB
VMFS3 Max file size (8MB Block) 2TB minus 512 bytes
VMFS3 Files per volume Aprox 30,720
VMFS5 volume size 64TB
VMFS5 Max block size 1MB
VMFS5 file size 2TB minus 512 bytes
VMFS5 files per volume Aprox 130,690
Concurrent vMotions per datastore 128
Concurrent Storage vMotions per datastore 8
Concurrent Storage vMotions per host 2
Concurrent non-vMotion provisioning operations per host 8
1Gb Ethernet Ports (PCI-X) 32
1Gb Ethernet Ports (PCI-E) 24
Max forcedeth 1Gb Ethernet ports (NVIDIA) 2
Max 10Gb Ethernet ports 8
Max combination 1Gb and 10Gb Ethernet ports 6 x 10Gb and 4 x 1Gb
Total VM switch ports per host 4096
Max distributed vNetwork switch ports per vCenter 30,000
Port groups per vStandard switch 256
Static port groups per vCenter 5,000
Max distributed switches per vCenter 32
Max concurrent vMotions per host (1Gb network) 4
Max concurrent vMotions per host (10Gb network) 8
Hosts per cluster 32
VMs per cluster 3,000
VMs per host in cluster 512
Max resource pools per cluster 1,600
Max children per resource pool 1024
Max resource pool tree depth 8
Max vCloud director VMs 20,000
Max vCloud director powered-on VMs 10,000
Max vCloud director VMs per vApp 64
Max vCloud director vApps per Organization 500
Max vCloud director hosts 2,000
Max vCloud director datastores 1024
Max vCloud director users 10,000
Max vCenter hosts per server 1,000
Max vCenter powered-on VMs 10,000
Max vCenter linked servers 10
Max vCenter hosts in linked servers 3,000
Max vCenter concurrent vSphere clients 100
Max vCenter MAC addresses per server 65,536
Max vCenter USB devices connected at vSphere client 20
Max vCenter VASA storage providers 10
Max Storage DRS virtual disks per datastore cluster 9000
Max Storage DRS datastores per datastore cluster 32
Max Storage DRS datastore clusters per vCenter 256
Created by: mlorenzen