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ICT Terms

ICT L2 terms and definitions

computer an electronic device for storing and processing information
server a computer that controls access to a network
processor the part of the computer that executes commands
motherboard the main circuit board of your computer that everything else plugs into
LCD a super-thin display used for screens
spreadsheet programme used for working with numbers and accounts
database a set of data on a computer
flashdrive also known as a memory stick
harddisk permanent device for storing large amounts of data
jpeg file extension good for web photos
bitmap file extension for high quality graphic files
byte 8 bits of data, usually the size of 1 letter on the screen
firewall security system to stop hacking into systems
hyperlink link between docuemnts or sites
homepage first page on a web-browser
bluetooth device allowing wireless communication over a short distance
download copy from one computer to another
wifi wireless fidelity
email electronic communication
hardware physical parts of the computer
software collection of instructions in a programme
hacker programmer who breaks into others' computers
scanner device to convert paper to electronic format
spam irrelevant or inappropriate messages
podcast multimedia file for download
password mixture of letters and numbers to protect access
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