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ST220 T7

1. Laps sponges typically came in packs of ___ 5
2. The ideal time to complete the initial count of instruments is ___ When all items are on back table
3. The mayo stand is an example of a ___ drape Cylindrical
4. When organizing the back table, which of the following considerations should be put into practice 1, 2, 4 (Move about as little as possible, Keep the body situated in a central location, Handle each item only once)
5. Immediately upon filling the bulb syringe, it must be ___ Labeled according to facility policy
6. If you open a pack of sponges and the sponges were missing 1, what should you do? Remove sponges from field and throw away. Have circulator get a new pack and start count from beginning.
7. The method in which hands and arms are scrubbed for a prescribed length of time is called Timed
8. After a scrub is complete, it is important to ____ Avoid touching nonsterile items
9. The closed-glove technique is used ___ After the sterile gown has been donned
10. The method used to don gloves for Pt skin preparation or urinary cath Open-Glove technique
11. Which person typically assists team members with turning gowns Circulator
12. The gown is removed ___ Prior to glove removal
13. Items are counted in which order for every procedures 3, 1, 2 (Sponges, Sharps, Instruments)
14. All are True statements regarding masks except which one Strings should be crisscrossed when tied (Masks should be either on or off, Masks should be changed bt all cases, and Masks should be handled by the strings only are true)
15. A surgical procedure involving perforated viscera is classified as ___ Class IV, Dirty wound
16. Most surgical infections occurs because of ____ Preexiting Pt Conditions
17. Infection contracted within the health care setting Nosocomial
18. The process that assures that all microorganisms incld spores are killed Sterilization
19. Which of the following can be adjusted to the Ht of the sterile field created over the surgical Pt Mayo Stand
20. All are True statements regarding pouring sterile fluid EXCEPT which The Fld container is recapped for later use of the remaining solution (Verify the "5 rights" are met, Verify the Pt's allergies, and The fld container may be saved for future reference or discarded are True)
21. Detergent selection is primarily based on the ___ Type of instruments to be cleaned
22. To avoid damage, stainless steel instruments should not be placed next to ___ in the washer sterilizer Instruments made from other metals
23. Filtered air from the decontamination room is exhausted to the___ Outside of the health care facility
24. At the end of the washer sterilization cycle, instruments are not considered Appropriate for use on the Pt
25. Instruments with multiple parts should be ___ prior to cleaning Disassembled
26. The Trendelenburg position may be used to Treat Shock
27. Gas gangrene & cellulitis are c/b which microogranism Clostridium perfringens
28. Safe positioning of the surgical Pt is the responsibility of the Entire Surgical Team
29. Helicobacter pylori, known as H. Pylori, is responsible for which condition Stomach ulcers
30. Which statements describe the correct positioning for supine Pt lies flat on back, wich the arms secured at the side and palms facing inward
31. When changing into OR attire, the ____ must be donned first Hair cover
32. The CDC recommends Not removing hair preop unless it interferes with the operation
33. When creating the sterile field, the ___ should be opened first Back table
34. Which of the following may be worn when hands are exposed to x-ray Lead gloves
35. Fast, deep breaths for a period of time, followed by 20-60 secs of apnea describes Cheyne-Stokes
36. When setting up for lap chole and started opening count, the ST relized that a sponge is missing from prepacked raytecs. Sponges are removed from field & thrown into trash. Sponges were replaced by circulator & count continued. Is this right? No. The old sponges must not be added to the count and must be removed completely from the OR suite (thrown in trash). The count should start all over.
37. Fluid bottles may be recapped and reused under what conditions May NOT be recapped
Created by: elizabeth-mcw
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