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CALE Move/stop Xue

Activate Blood & Stop bleeding herbs for CALE

Herb Key information
Chuan Xiong Move Blood. Move Qi. Various types of headaches. PAIN.
Yan Hu Suo Move Blood. Move Qi. "Chinese Aspirin". For various types of Pain, ST ulcers, Move Qi. CONTRA: PREG.
Yu Jin Move and cool blood. Moves Qi. GB, used w/Dan Shen.
Dan Shen Move Blood, cool blood. HT; Shen.
Chi Shao Move Blood, cool blood.
Yi Mu Cao Move Blood. Reg menstruation, promote Urination.
Ze Lan Move Blood. Reg mens., prom urine.
Tao Ren Move Blood. Dui-Yao w/Hong Hua for amenorrhea & dysm. d/t Xue Stasis. Moisten Intestines, Unblocks bowels. LJ. CRUSH.
Hong Hua Move Blood. Dui-Yao w/Tao Ren for amenorrhea & dysm. d/t Blood Stasis. UJ. Harmonize Blood--.9-1.5g. Safflower.
Mo Yao Move Blood. Promotes Healing-- Dui Yao w/Ru Xiang for PAIN d/t trauma & W-C-D Bi Syndrome. REDUCES SWELLING AND GENERATES FLESH (trauma). Myrr
Ru Xiang Move Blood. Dui Yao w/Mo Yao for PAIN d/t trauma & W-C-D Bi Syndrome. Reduces Swelling, gen flesh, trauma. Frankincense. Move Qi.
San Leng Move Blood. Dui Yao w/E Zhu for break up blood, remove accum., stop pain. Move Qi. Childhood nutritional impairment. CI: PREG
E Zhu Move Blood. Dui Yao w/San Leng for break up blood, remove accum., stop PAIN. Move Qi.
Huai Niu Xi Move Blood. Moves blood downward.
Chuan Niu Xi Move Blood. Moves blood downward.
Wang Bu Liu Xing Moves Blood. Unblocks menstruation, promotes lactation. Reduces swelling. Pain. Ear Seeds. CI: Pregnancy
Pu Huang *Stop Bleeding*. Move Blood. Trauma. wrap in cheesecloth.
San Qi Stop Bleeding. Move Blood, Stop bleeding, circulation-- the *best* herb for TRAUMA. CI: PREG, 1-1.5 g powder
Qian Cao Gen Stop Bleeding. Move Blood.
Xian He Cao Stop Bleeding, astringe. Parasites, trichomonas.
Bai Ji Stop Bleeding, astringe. Dry Lips, generate flesh (topical), swelling.
Huai Hua Mi Stop Bleeding. Hemorrhoids and Hypertension. LI bleeding: dysentery and hemorrhoids. Cools Bloods.
Di Yu Stop Bleeding. Cools Blood. Generates flesh (topical)-- BURNS. LI Bleeding: diarrhea, dysentery.
Ce Bai Ye Stops Bleeding. BURNS, generates flesh. Bleeding and Burns.
Bai Mao Gen Stops Bleeding. All kinds of bleeding: nose, mouth, anus, etc.. Also Clears Heat from ST/LU. Know for MODS.
Ai Ye Stop Bleeding. Disperses Cold=Pain, Calm Fetus. Warms Womb, Stops Bleeding. Mugwort.
Created by: amycshouse