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Art Unit 6

Media Arts Academy Art Study Flashcards

In modeling, how does the artist build up a sculpture? Adding layers of clay, wax, or any soft pliable material.
Why are the molded sculptures turned into a more permanent form? They brittle and are not long-lasting.
Terra Cotta "Cooked Earth" A baked sculpture.
In casting how many replicas of the original sculpture can be cast? Any amount.
What is the first step in casting? Make mold of modeled work.
What is the second step in casting? Pour in more permanent material.
In carving, what medium does the sculptor use? A large block of wood or ice.
Why is carving is not used more frequently? Expensive, Strenuous and time consuming, Modeling is cheaper and easier.
Non-representational Sculpture Abstract, does not look like anything in particular.
Representational Sculpture Resembles or looks like something.
Center of Interest Focal point, some point where the eye is attracted.
Open Mass Emptiness, allows light to pour in.
Three types of Sculptures In the Round; A freestanding sculpture which can be viewed form all sides. Intaglio; A reversed relief sculpture. Relief; Surface is cut away to a deeper level and forms protrude to create an image.
Created by: BrandonLee