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SHI Training Day 5

AX, SalesCenter09, Quoting

What goes into the "Quotation Field" Quote #
What goes into the "Customer Requisition Number" P0 Number
Where are each of the following sent... 1. Hardware 2. Software 3. Services 1. Drop Warehouse 2. W0 3. W1
Our default shipping is... 15 FedEx Ground
What are the 2 most common things you will have to "Fabricate" 1. Dell Products 2. Weirdware
What are the 3 ways to sell Dell Products? 1. Dell direct 2. Disti 3. Straight from Dell
What do "CTO" and "BTO" stand for? Configure to Order Build to Order
How long do CTOs and BTOs generally take?? 2-3 weeks
What is the Dell Alias email?? GCC_SHI@Dell.com
List 5 requirements needed to send to the Dell Alias 1. End User Info 2. System Config 3. Qty. 4. Deal ID Registry 5. Additional Data
Who offers Qty. breaks at 5 and also "Tier Pricing"?? Lenovo
What is the difference between "Freight Shipping" and "FedEx" Freight Shipping = Larger Qty, Cheaper, Takes Longer____________FedEx = Smaller Qty, More Expensive, Faster
While filling out a Sales Order, which should the status be filed as prior to completion... "Journal" or "Sales Order"??? Journal... You do not want an incomplete order to be auto-saved as a "Sales Order"
What keyboard command enables an additional search field??? Ctrl + G
CDW does NOT sell which Manufacturer??? Dell
When completing and saving your Sales Order, what is the new accessible command that is will then be in color? "Sales Order Confirmation"
What are 8 items of information you would want when dealing with "WeirdWare"??? 1.Confirm Part # 2.SHI Cost 3.Availability/Stock 4.Freight 5.Description 6.Shipping Time 7.Purchase Options 8.MSRP
When Fabricating a Dell product, always use the __________ as a part # Dell Quote Number
Dell is no longer a computer company, they are a... "Solutions Provider"
List 3 reasons customers should buy from SHI... 1. Accountability 2. Flexibility 3. Agnostics
Created by: kjenning