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SHI Training Day 6

Networking & Microsoft

Servers (Describe) very fast computers that handle applications for multiple users and consist of… - Processor - Ram - HDD, SSD - NIC
3 different types of servers are... Towers Racks Blades (highest performance/most expensive)
Storage (Describe) consists of dedicated HW & SW that stores large amounts data
Networking (Describe) connects two or more computers/laptops/devices/etc. together, which can be done via Ethernet (wireless or cables)
LAN & WAN - LAN: Local Area Network - WAN: Wide Area Network
LAN Components (4 Things) Nodes, NIC, Cables, Switch *Major manufacturers for networking: CISCO, HP, DELL*
Virtualization Allows for multiple applications to run onto a server through the use of Hypervisors - Hypervisors decouple Software and Hardware to allow stacking of operating systems and applications
Cloud (Describe) a system and service that allows hosting of applications and data from another company’s data center An example of cloud service is apple storing all of a user’s information such as pictures, messages, media, contact information, etc.
Microsoft Applications: Office Std. Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Power Point, Publisher
Microsoft Applications: Office Delux Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Power Point, Publisher + Publisher + Access + InfoPath + Lync
Microsoft Systems (list features) Windows 8 1. Hybrid tablet/desktop experience 2. mouse, keyboard, touch! 3. Speed 4. Security 5. Windows store apps
Microsoft Servers Windows Server 2012... SharePoint Lync Exchange System Center Configuration Manager System Center EndPoint Protection
Microsoft CAL stands for... Client Access License
What do CALs do?? Allows access to server operating system and applications (per user, per device)
Microsoft Software Assurance Benefits (List all 5) 1. New Products 2. Deployment 3. Training 4. Support 24/7 5. Specialized Benefits (cold backups, Enterprise Source Licensing)
3 Major manufacturers for networking are... CISCO, HP, DELL
Created by: kjenning