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ST220 T4

1. Physical factors that affect the efficiency of disinfection Temp, Bioburden, Time
2. Which pathogen leads in the percentage of SSI Staphylococcus aureus
3. The type of chemical cleaner that is least corrosive to surgical instruments Neutral pH product
4. What dormant structure can some bacteria form to survive adverse environmental conditions Spore
5. What is a limitation of using water as a presoaking solution Ineffective at removing dried debris
6. A bloodborne pathogen that puts health care workers at particular risk Hepatitis C
7. The process that ensures that all microorganisms, includ spores, are killed Sterilization
8. Which of the following provides a large, sterile area for initial preparation and storage of drapes, supplies, irrigations, medicines, and instruments Back Table
9. Which term is used to describe "the multiplication of organisms in tissue" Infection
10. Bacteria divide by a process called Binary Fission
11. Why should saline NOT be used to clean stainless steel surgical instruments Salt will pit the stainless steel
12. When preparing packages for sterilization, utilize the ___ date Julian
13. The dynamic-air-removal steam sterilization operates at a min cycle time of ___ min @ 270 degrees F 4
14. During the ___ phase of prevacuum steam sterilization, steam enters the sterilization chamber Exposure
15. It is recommended that immediate-use sterilization be ___ Avoided
16. The basis for the practice of strict adherence to sterile technique Surgical conscience
17. The physical removal of blood and body fluids are gross debris from an inanimate object Mechanical Cleaning
18. The ultrasonic washer is an ex of a Mechanical decontamination unit
19. A nonliving particle that is completely reliant on the host cell for survival Virus
20. Bacteria is also classified by its need for oxygen and CO2. Which type of bacteria grow best in high concentration of CO2 Capnophiles
21. Caps and hoods are types of Head coverings
22. An intermediate level of disinfection may be appropriate for Semicritical items
23. Staphylococci can be identified by a Cluster of bacteria
24. Bacilli are typically found to be in the shape of Rods
25. A catalyst used to aid in the breakdown of organic material such as blood and tissue is an Enzyme
26. Which of the following is not an advantage of using nonwoven materials Cost
27. After laundering, woven fabrics should be stored at a temp of 68-73 degrees F and a humidity of 30-60% for at least ____ hours to rehydrate the fabrics 2
28. The number of microbes or organic debris that exist at a give time Bioburden
29. Bacteria that reside normally within the human body and cause no disease unless the opportunity arises Opportunist
30. The term used to describe when both organisms benefit from and depend on one another to a certain extent Mutualism
31. When stainless steel instruments are manually cleaned, a ___ should be used to avoid scratching the surface of the instrument Back-and-forth motion
32. When one organism benefits and the host is harmed Parasitism
33. The ___ is used to remove small organic particles and soil from areas of instruments that are difficult to clean manually Ultrasonic cleaner
34. Which would be best suited for reprocessing surgical instruments exposed to clostridium Pre-vac
35. Low-level disinfection may be appropriate for ___ Noncritical items
36. All are True statements regarding masks EXCEPT which one Edges of mask should be loose to allow breathing
37. Which classification is given to bacteria that can survive in an environment with or without oxygen Facultative anaerobes
38. The contamination of a person or object by another person or object Cross contamination
39. To prevent the formation of condensate in nested basins (double basin), what must be done Separate the basins with a towel
40. Bacteria are identified by the shape and form they assume. Which of the following is the shape and form of streptococci Chain of round bacteria
41. Torn, perforated, or wet disposable supplies should be ___ Thrown away
42. Bacteria that req O2 to sustain life Aerobic
43. Instrument preparation begins after decontamination and involves the following steps in this order Inspection, Reassembly, Preparation
44. Microbes that live on the skin and inside the body Indigenous
45. An enzyme is usually used as an Soaking solution
46. Latex gloves should not be worn ___ If the Pt is latex sensitive
47. The method used to don gloves for Pt skin preparation or urinary catheterization Open-glove technique
48. The washer decontaminator does NOT render the instruments ___ Sterile
49. Escherichia coli normally resides in the lumen of the ___ Intestine
50. Which is the most commonly transmitted bacteria in the OR Staphylococcus aureus
Created by: elizabeth-mcw
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