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ST220 T5

41. Explain Surgical Conscience and what it means to you Basis for the practice of strict adherence to sterile technique by all surgical team members. It means that you must be honest and have moral integrity to provide the greatest level of safety to the Pt.
42. While opening supplies to establish the sterile field, the STSR starts by opening the instrument tray. Is this okay? Why or why not? No bc if there are holes in the sheet, and you put the instrument tray on the back table, the back table is now contaminated. Ideally start with the largest sterile area to open supplies on. Open from the center of room, outward
43. The STSR sets up for hernia case which is cancelled. The circulator informs STSR that it's scheduled in the OR suited next door and will begin soon. The STSR covers his back table with a sterile drape and moves it next door. Is this ok? Why/why not? It is not allowed to cover the back table and then move it to another room bc even though it's covered with a sterile drape, removing the sterile drape will contaminate the back tabl.e
36. ___ are living carriers that transmit disease Vector
34. A substance used on living tissue to inhibit the growth of microbes, thus preventing infection Antseptic
33. The microbes that reside on the skin surface are easily removed Transient flora
32.Any microbe capable of causing ds Pathogen
1. What is the primary source of airborne bacteria in the OR Surgical Team
2.. What should be done with the reusable instruments after being used on case with a prion infection Destruction of all instruments
15. How far are tables placed from the wall 12" - 18"
16. Sterile field should be established Farthest from door
3. What did Louis Pasteur develop Germ theory of disease
4. What microscope is used when microbes cannot be stained Dark Field Microscope
5. What is not a risk of SSI Gender
6. When wearing sterile gown/gloves, why should the arms not be folded with the hands in the axilla The area cannot be viewed
7. Sterile items and individuals may ___ Contact sterile items
8. Members of the sterile surgical team should pass each other within sterile field by facing one another or ___ Passing back-to-back
9. The basis for the practice of strict adherence to sterile technique Surgical conscience
10. What is the purpose of maintaining positive-pressure airflow within the OR suite Higher pressure than outside forces microbes out
11. Which is NOT considered a monitoring method of steam sterilization process Electrical
12.. The order of technique for opening sterile basin set Verify exposure to sterilization process, tear seal, open first flap away from you, pull flap closest to your body toward you, Open side flaps, pull flap closest to your body toward you
13. The front of a surgical gown from the waist to midchest and circumferentially to 2" above the elbows on the sleeve is considered Sterile
14. Which of the following is a nonsterile portion of the gown Cuff
17. Which of the following isolates and protect the operative site from contaminants Drape
18. The anesthesia machine should be set up at the ___ of the operating room bed Head
19. Pack containing disposable drapes, supplies, sutures, blades, and items necessary for a specific procedures Custom packs
20. Who wears a mask once the sterile field has been open in a room Everyone wears the mask
21. What is a systematic methods of organizing one's thoughts and activities, enabling one to make approp decisions Critical Thinking - B
22. What is an advantage of using rigid container systems Both B and C (Easy to store AND Hard to damage integrity) - D
23. What should the STSR do immediately following opening a hard object on the back table drape Check to see if there is a break in the integrity of the drape - A
24. What is the perferred method to opening a peel pack Visually inspect the package, slowly peel back the outer wrapper, and gently toss the item on a protected area of the back table or basin - D
25. In which scenario does the 1" unsterile border of the drape or sterile field not apply When the custom pack is properly opened onto the back table - C
26. The back of a wraparound-style gown is not considered sterile bc It is out of the sight of the STST - D
27. What is considered an option in correcting a break in sterile tech Replace it - ANDERSON
28. T/F - The "power house" of the cell is the nucleolus False - Mitochondria
29.. T/F - The movement of a solvent (i.e. water) through a semi-permeable membrane from an area of high concentration to low concentration is called osmosis True
30. T/F - Exocytosis is the movement of particles out of a cell True
31. T/F - Staphylococci are spherical bacteria arranged in chains False - Clusters-streptococci are in chains
35. ___ are inanimate objects that harbor microorganisms Fomites
37. Define sepsis Infection, usually accompainied by fever, that results from the presence of pathogenic microorganism. / Spread of an infection from its initial site into the bloodstream, initiating a systemic response that adversely affects blood flow to vital organs.
38. List four disease a surgical technologist is exposed to in the operating room and state methods for limiting exposure Hep B, Hep C, HIV, HBV, Viruses. Wear PPE at all times when blood is present. Stay up-to-date on vaccinations. Follow hospital policy and precautions.
39. Define flora Bacteria and other microorganisms that normally inhabit a bodily organ or port
40. Define host The larger of 2 organisms in a symbiotic relationship. / An organism or cell in which a parasite lives or feeds on.
Created by: elizabeth-mcw
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