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upper body, wind cold damp Qiang huo
external/ internal cold xin xin
dysentry & bleeding bai tou weng
lingering heat man dan pi
not for red swollen eyes #1 sheng ma
calm liver yang brightens eyes- #50 ju hua
breast abscess pu gong yan
lung abcess yu xiang cao
blotches liver fire qing dai
reduce or eliminate effect xiang wu
#1 for external dryness and cough moistens lung sang ye
reinforce xiang xu
nourish yin and generates fluid zhi mu
upper jiao all yang carbuncles huang qin
middle jiao huang lian
lower jiao, kidney def heat huang bai
throat ban lan gen
external fever/ alternating fever chai hu
summer heat xiang ru
cools blood damp heat, heat toxcity, restlessness zhi zhi
comfort middle jiao, calm fetus, food poisening zi su ye
liver fire, dissipates nodules xia ku cao
cook last bo he
invigorate blood dispel blood stasis mu dan pi and chi shao
not for def heat shi gao
cook first shi gao
wrap to coook xin yu hua
invigorate blood, vents rashes zi cao
group bi syndrome
group nasal congestion
heaven herbs for vomiting sheng jiang (ginger)
skin rash, vents rash jing jie
wind cold and wind heat jing jie fang feng
maleria qin hao
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