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ST220 Q3

1. Asepsis Absence of microbe infection (pathogenic microorganisms)
2. Decontamination To reduce to an irreducible minimum the presence of pathogenic material
3. Event-Related Sterility Sterility determined by how a pkg is handled rather than time elapsed
4. Resident Flora Microbes that normally reside below the skin surface or within the body
5. Strike-through contamination Contamination of a sterile field that occurs through the passage of fld or puncture in a microbial barrier
6. Explain how to use Glutaraldehyde (AKA Cidex) Wear gloves/eye PPE, submerge instrum into Cidex for 10 min. Fill syringe c Cidex & inject into all ports. Submerge instruments in Cidex for an addtl 10 min. Rinse instruments in Sterile Water & c syringe. Label Cidex c name, date
7. How long should an item be placed in Cidex to achieve high-level disinfection 20 min.
8. T/F - Instruments should be cleaned in saline False - Never use Saline bc the salt in it can cause pitting and rusting of the metal the instruments. You use Sterile Water (Pg 149 ST book)
9. T/F - CSPD Central Sterile Processing Department
10. T/F - The ultrasonic cleaner uses the process of ___ for cleaning instruments Cavitation (Pg 152 ST book)
11. T/F - The ultrasonic cleaner uses high freq ___ waves that converted into vibration for cleaning Sound Waves (Pg 152 ST book)
12. T/F - All instruments must have an indicator showing that it has been properly run in the steam sterilizer True
X. Bioburden Physical removal of blood, body flds, and/or gross debris from an inanimate object
X. Hypocholrite Household Bleach
X. When does Cidex expire After it is poured, Cidex expires 14-28 days later bc the concentration strength might have diminished below the 2%.
Created by: elizabeth-mcw
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